ADG Voices: Realign for Equity

My point is actually look at their current roster. You don’t see much size. Justice Hill probably could have played D1 ball. I don’t think the team that beat Harrison last year has a D1 player on it.

The best player on PA’s team this year may have been their 150lb LBer. He has no offers for football (that I’m aware of), but plenty for academics.

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This is spot on — the system and playing together. My kids went to Highland Park. I’ve seen many seasons of HP football, including middle school and then freshman and JV high school football. HP is not private but Randy Allen, the HP Head Coach, manages it to a detail at every level and has for years. It’s a well-oiled machine, especially offensively if they have a good QB like JSJ and Morris. They look well coached are, but a ton of it is familiarity with each other and reps. Three state 5A titles in 5 years. And very close to winning the other two.

As for Arkansas high school football, I would rather they figure out a way to get LR public high school football going moreso than it is. Pass laws, legislate, whatever. I don’t care, but that would be a huge factor in improving Razorback football. Absolutely huge. Then again, I could probably figure out about 20 things that should have a higher legislative priority than high school football in Arkansas. Probably 100 things.

My sons played at Catholic, which if you combine it with St. Mary’s-the girls school-would be a 6A enrollment. Catholic gives scholarships(usually partial and there’s some work study built in for chores around the school) based on need-if the young man can pass the entrance exam and get through an interview with the principal. You have to make your grades at Catholic to play.

Most years Catholic is out-manned in football or basketball at least half the the time in conference play, some years they are at a talent disadvantage almost game. But Catholic accepts that is the price paid for what’s happened in the lower classifications.

On the other hand, kicking Catholic out of the AAA because people in 5A are mad about LR Christian and PA is ridiculous.

I went to Catholic. Catholic had some teams in the mid 80s that beat the hell out of everyone and won biggest classification championships. I know it’s different now. But Catholic is capable of playing some football. Always has been.

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