ADG story referenced giving up 17-point halftime lead

Which is true (the game mentioned was the game at Rutgers in 2013), but the game that came to mind for me was the 1971 Tulsa game. We had a 20-0 lead at halftime on an inferior team (we were ranked #7 that week; Tulsa finished that season 4-7) and gave it away, including some key fourth down conversions if memory serves. (Yes, I’m showing my age).

I know it wasn’t written in there, but the Tulsa game is what is referenced as the worst blown lead in nearly a half-century. I’m not sure if it was inadvertently omitted, cut or what happened.

ugh remembering that tulsa game shows my age also

I remember that Tulsa game too. Feeling the Sam disgust now that I felt then: How in the world did that just happen?

I remember quite well that '71 Tulsa game where we led 20-0 entering the fourth quarter, then managed to lose 21-20. Tulsa was led by future All-Pro Dallas Cowboy Drew Pearson.

Ironically, the following year a subpar UofA defeated Tulsa by the same score of 21-20.

Yep I was in school then and remember that game well. Cannot believe we lost that game to Tulsa. But it still does not rankle like the loss to the Citadel or the loss last Friday to the worst team in the SEC.