Adding a 5th player this year?

What’s the chance we try to add 1 more to this class even if KK commits Thursday?

I’m guessing Kyree Walker if he wanted to come but we have also had some contact w some Juco bigs I think?

CEM is free agent type of coach and will take the best player available and the numbers will work themselves out.
This approach means players will come and go every year, but at the end of the day he is going to put the best roster together possible every season.
Not traditional, but that’s the way it’s done now and Arkansas is just about to get very good at it.

Go Hogs!

I think it’s a possibility. There are currently 4 scholarships for next year (Hill’s, Bailey’s, Cylla’s, and Whitt’s).

But there are rumors we lose a few more through transfer, going pro, etc…

Saw someone said they think as many as seven. The AR Fab Four and 3 GT/or 1 GT and 2 Sit one play 2

I don’t think Joe should go pro but he might. Other people? Henderson may get tired of being parked on the bench if he can’t get into the rotation. Harris? Maybe. Mason? Right now he’s our #1 option.

Joe needs to work on taking the ball to hole and creating his own shot. That my opinion. He isn’t ready to move on yet!
The hogs have added one big man it would be nice to see them add another one. I could see CEM adding 6 and making a couple move on.
I hope we get KK and I would like to see McBride on the hill and one more big man. That would be 6. The short bench will catch up with you late in games like it did last night. Added depth.

Over signing is a risk that can only be mitigated by players transferring out or the coach dismissing players.

You seem to have followed Muss at Nevada. Wondering what the history has been for him at Nevada. Was it player transfers or dismissals?

Ya know, this will not be a popular opinion I think, but in the day and age where players are constantly making “business” decisions and jumping into the portal at the drop of a hat, well…

I believe it will soon be time for the coaches to treat it more like a business and bring in as many players as he needs, work 'em out for a bit, keep the best of the best, help the others that don’t get a spot to move on to greener pastures either through transfers or the dreaded dismissal. If its a business, all sides need to treat it as a business.

I think the odds of 5 are excellent and the odds of 6 (or more) are good.

He’s not going to mess around.

Dudley, I totally agree.
CEM is going to win and that’s his bottom line period. Players that can produce will stay and those that can’t will not be retained in his program.

What do you feel are the chances that Kyrie Walker joins the team after the Christmas break?
I think he could provide that additional scoring punch along with Joe and Jones that would give opposing coaches matchup problems while improving our depth which would be extremely valuable to the Hogs.

Go Hogs!

His last retweet and tweet seems to make it interesting

Depth is one issue that haunts our BB and FB program of the last several seasons. CEM is in the process of reviving the BB and where one good hire by HY to getting out of the cellar in FB. It will take awhile for CEM to return us to being where we want to be but he is making strides early! WPS

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Link? Some of us aren’t as good at Twitter as others lol

Yep with he and his family watching the buzzer beater and tweeting with Moses Moody makes me believe there’s a chance…I hope so.
His dad said that he will play basketball somewhere this season once he completes his academic requirements.
Hope that he and his dads relationship with CEM is string enough to be the deciding factor and the Arkansas basketball team gets a great after Christmas present.
His joining this team could be the difference in 20-21wins and 25-26 wins.
That 5 win difference places you easily in the top 25 polls, top 3-4 in the SEC and probably no worse than a 5 or 6 seed in the NCAA Tournament.
This is exactly what CEM needs in his first year to proclaim to every 4 and 5 star kid in the nation that Arkansas basketball is for real and about to challenge Kentucky once again for SEC supremacy.

Go Hogs!

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Kyree Walker has been a soap opera. But man, do we miss Isaiah Moss! We had him committed.

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You’re so right PJ. Wonder how Kansas swayed him$

Kansas has a bag man ready!

In watching his behavior during the few timeouts he took during the GT game, I gathered losing is not an option. I figure he’s going to do whatever he has to do to win every game. If his roster can’t do that, he’ll go get one that can. May sound simple but I sense determination in him akin to Nolan.

Yes, Kansas, LSU, Auburn, Mississippi State, Kentucky, Duke, North Carolina, Arizona all have $$BAG$$ Men available for their top recruits for quite a while now and why would they stop when the penalties are so minor from the NCAA and they continue to receive praise from the scum on ESPN for being great coaches and hard recruiters when they all know exactly what is and has been going on for years with the dirty recruiting.

Go Hogs!

Some of the scum announcers help Thais dirt bag coaches get some of the recruits and are in bed with shoe complies themselves!

And Walker just retweeted about Robinson to AR. Kids getting my hopes up