Add some more inside scoring and Sky is limit

If Gafford and Thomas and Thompson and can score more in the paint and keep teams honest on perimeter, Sky is the limit.

Love the motor of this team.

Mike has this thing close to rolling.

I’d like to see Trey and Gafford on the floor at the same time.

I’d like to see Trey and Gafford on the floor at the same time.
[/quote] I was thinking the same. Trey could deliver entry passes from the hi post that our guards have trouble lobbing to Gafford in the low post


Someone pointed out to me yesterday, that you don’t want both of them to tire out at the same time. I completely understand that, but when we got down to about 2 mins left last night, and the game was still in doubt, I didn’t understand why both weren’t in. I give Thomas credit for what he did, but I would think, Trey and Big Dan would be the better defensive option.


Not in the full court, which yesterday was about. I do think CMA could’ve played them both for a few spurts when we needed a little more continuity in the halfcourt offense.

I was talking about a spurt. Or are you saying not at all yesterday, but maybe against someone like Mich St?

We got no size behind those two. They are each playing about half the game and both are fouling out. No way you play them both for any extended length of time together.