Add another QB to the "Portal" … fer-portal

Thats +1 -1 for The OSU :sunglasses:

No thanks. I hope they don’t consider him.


That would be too good to be true.

If you want a “Me” spoiled brat in the locker room.

I’ll take all the brats in the top 100. We’re 6-18 the last two years.

Redshirt Freshman that will graduate in May. I wonder how he pulled that off.

He was an early enrollee, so in May he will have been in school for 2 1/2 years. I know of people who have done that. They had college credits when they arrived on campus and took every summer and intersession class they could get their hands on. It would be difficult for an athlete because of the other time constraints, but not impossible.

I live in Las Vegas and he went to the local “we don’t recruit” high school that recruits all over. From what I have heard, he might not be a good choice. I gather he and his father can be a handful.

If he was good enough for Ohio state to sign I can’t imagine why any Razorback fan would snub their nose st him.

I don’t care if he’s a handful, if his dads a handful or if his great great grand daddy was a handful, if he can play and wants to come here you take him.

We’ve had plenty of guys that were handfuls and weren’t talented on this team. We have been historically awful over the last 6 years. We need talent and competition, you damn sure contact this guy. Has to be smart, graduating in 2.5 years is very, very difficult. Keep in mind it’s taking a lot, maybe most 4.5 or 5 years now to get their bachelors.

A lot of these transfers that were highly recruited are spoiled brats. That’s why they move along & the NCAA has curbed the rules to fit their agendas.
The old “work hard & earn your respect & position” will be a thing of the past.
Granted some transfers need to move on just to play period & some are nudged out the door like always has been.

If you recruit some of these guys because our mindset has become win at any cost there will be a day when it will cost all. WPS

Coaches better themselves all the time.

These guys have a very limited time clock and once it starts it doesn’t stop. So if they need to transfer to see the field I don’t see any problem with it.

Coaches bring guys in to take their spots and they see the writing in the wall, no problem at all in my book if they want to go somewhere also.

Also, the mind set of many of our fans, this forum included has me convinced that some of y’all really don’t care or want to win. I want to win, I want to see a national championship in my lifetime. You take talent, and you build a program. So what if some are a little troubled, not all are just because they transfer btw that’s an insane generalization I see a lot, but you work to better them. I want them to do whatever it takes to win, winning is absolutely an all cost thing, and starts by getting players who can help.

People who don’t try to win at all costs are losers, in my book at least. Winning at all costs doesn’t mean oh have to cheat but you damn sure do everything thing in your power to bend the rules as far as you can. Just depends on how you look at it. I see winning at all costs as winning is the number one priority, and you can do it the right way.

Every coaching staff in the country does or has done something that would fall under the cheating title or win at all cost tag.

Curious as to why none of y’all have called ty storey a spoiled brat?

Ty doesn’t fit the bill there.
He falls under my category as transfer just to play period &/or nudged out the door and he won’t be transferring to another elite program.
Only spoiled bratt AR recruited that transferred was Mitch Mustain.

I’m all for bringing in the 4-5* Brats as long as they can be handled and produce and not wasting schollies.

I agree, he’s not too btw, just was using that for a point.

I also don’t feel like this guy is, I’d be pretty pissed too if they were bringing in a 5 star transfer to start essentially, he sees the writing on the wall that Day isn’t that confident in him. He may by have the best relationship with him, you never know, OSU is a S**** show internally.

Other guys who have transferred and it was a great move for them, Kyler Murray, Baker Mayfield, Joe Burrow, you could say jarret Stidham too, and many many more. Have to better your opportunity, in anything in life.

https://collegefootballtalk.nbcsports.c … ssion=true

Please drop the line about Mustain being spoiled.

Tate Marttel is just as talented as Johnny Manziel with a much stronger arm. He would have put up numbers with last season’s offensive line.

Basically what I’m saying is he’s foreal!!!

Some of these transfers may be spoiled brats; some may not. None of us knows which ones have been told by their coaches that it would be best for them to go down the road. Who knows if Ty has been told by CCM that he won’t play this next year. If he has, he certainly should consider going somewhere that he can play. Same with the OSU QB. Both may have just seen the writing on the wall. Nothing wrong with leaving for an opportunity to play elsewhere. But I say take as many 4*/5* transfers you can get (as needed).

Probably took correspondence courses from Dontae Jones University.

if we get Shane Buechele and his sister wears our gear then it is good for instagram recruiting, maybe even more for Tate Martell. Check out the sister’s on the web and tell me that getting them to model Razorback gear would not be an eye catcher for potential recruits.

I’d take Austin Kendall in a heart beat and forget the rest, but somehow I don’t think we will enter his decision process. As things have gone on, it just does not seem we are an attractive option for any of the portal QB’s. Kid from Buffalo hits the draft even though he needs one year against top competition to prove his NFL worthiness, but all the others are mostly out from reading the writing on the wall. Why would a big time qB consider us with CCM and crew in charge? high school success is not going to cut it at the portal level. Only Buechele has a TX link to connect to, but being already out of high school seems to me to diminish the lure of CCM. Damn chicken or egg playing out, cant win without talent and talent not interested unless we win. Pray for Connor Noland and JSJ to make the portal a non-factor…