Add another OV for hoops

Highly regarded junior guard Bryce Thompson’s father Rod said they will be taking an official visit this weekend.
Thompson, 6-5, 170 pounds of Booker T. Washington in Tulsa has other scholarship offers from schools like Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas A&M, Iowa, Oklahoma State, Minnesota, Houston, DePaul and other


Why are juniors allowed OVs in basketball and five more OVs as seniors, while football players only get five senior OVs? Does it have to do with the number of players?

I would think so. Most schools are in the red and I would think football OVs for junior and seniors would add to the debt.

FWIW, Thompson was the third OV I was referring to in another thread in case anyone was wondering.

Interesting that Moses and Bryce are visiting officially the same weekend.

It may have something to do with the early signing period for basketball as well. I know football just added early signing but it’s still not as early as basketball.