Can’t find any discussion on why Adcock pitched only one inning. DVH musta had a good reason…what was it?

Wood has now pitched a 3-inning close on a couple of occasions. My guess is the plan was simply to use Adcock to get to Wood in the 7th.

And, now Adcock could probably give you another outing on Sunday.

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My guess is so he would be available later in the series for some more relief. DVH is running out of viable pitchers due to injuries and he has to spread the ones he trust around a bit.

Matt can probably answer this better than me. But listening to Van Horn’s postgame last night, they thought they could get 9 outs from Gage Wood, so Adcock was the “bridge” there.

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But he got him “hot” for just one inning…seems like 3-6 more outs would make more sense leaving him available for one more outing and them maybe Wood would also have something left in the tank. As it transpired, I would guess Wood is done for the weekend.

He had pitched some Tuesday. The game plan all along was to get Wood to close out 7-9. I believe we will see Adcock Sunday more than likely

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In theory, your argument sounds plausible…in a generic sense…

But you have to look at the prior performance of the actual individuals involved. Adcock’s multiple inning outings have not gone particularly well. Maybe the current thought process is to try and get a single quality inning here and there from him to get him in and out before the wheels start to wobble.

And DVH has been very open about doing everything he can to win the game he is involved with, then worrying about the next game tomorrow. In this instance, we were locked up in a tight one and he obviously felt he could get 3 strong innings from Wood. Could he get 4 innings? Maybe, but - again - his track record beyond 2 or 3 innings is not tested. But we know he’s typically strong for an outing of that length.

So - as discussed by prior posters, and from listening to DVH’s post-game presser - the idea was to get a bridge from the 5 innings Smith gave us (and he was totally out of gas at that point) to Wood for 3 innings to close. And also, as discussed, Adcock should be available for spot duty on Sunday, if needed.


Again I love it when there is a question about why Van Horn got Adcock hot for one inning. It is real simple, because it was the best plan.

Yes, Wood is going to be burned for the weekend, but he probably isn’t best for four innings.

Dave said they feel like Gage is good for nine outs. That’s kind of the limit. So Adcock “was the bridge” and that makes total sense to me.

Jim Daniel says it best, we got so many experts who know more than our Hall of Fame head coach.

It sure looked like a good plan to me.

What if you don’t have a lead the next two games. The offense is not consistent with a watered down lineup.

Win when you got a chance. How many more chances will you have? You don’t know. Every SEC win is important. Get em when you can. Worry about tomorrow when it comes.


DVH is certainly not qualified to come on this board. He is just not knowledgeable enough about baseball, especially pitchers to contribute anything, but I am sure he reads it to learn what the real experts say so he will hopefully learn baseball.


Van Horn said there was a temptation to leave Adcock in for another inning, but the plan was to throw Wood three innings and he stuck to the plan.

It also kept Adcock’s arm available for later in the series. Ideally he would not have thrown at all last night because Smith would have thrown six innings.


What DVH has done with this team is remarkable. All the injury’s to top hitters/pitchers and we’re still rolling. He makes the right moves at the right time. I saw it mentioned on here somewhere about the progress Rowland has made since Fall Ball. Coaching gets another A+.


DVH deserves top consideration for SEC Coach of the Year. Again, get the W one game at a time, worry about tomorrow (tomorrow). :sunglasses:


Yeah this team has been snake bit from the very get-go and yet he has never changed his demeanor …I think that rubs off on the team and they always play hard and give it their best. I’ll be glad when we get our full lineup back and hopefully the education these young pitchers are getting will benefit us in postseason…

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I hope Josey, Stovall and Wagner are able to play next weekend. That would be a boost to the lineup.


I feel good about Wegner and Stovall. I’m not quite so sure we will get Josie back but that would be awesome if we can. He said he’s still about 80%

Josie is available this weekend, according to what Dave said on pre-game radio Friday.

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He said last night after the game he might could bunt or DH this weekend but he didn’t want to try to hurt him, said he was about 80%…

I hope he can play next weekend that would be a great boost to the lineup.

Josie only knows one way to play though so they’re probably going to be real careful with him… We want him around for the rest of the season

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Win today. Worry about tomorrow tomorrow. Happened when my son was playing Mustang league. Other team kept their best pitcher for the second round. Our team had a losing record. They lost the first game and got bounced from the tourney.

Back in 79, we were in the winner’s bracket with no losses. I’m not sure of the precise reason, but we decided to not pitch our best pitcher in the first game against Cal Ful - when they were at their weakest. Of course we lost, then. And, we lost the next game, which was a pitching classic, but the bad guys won that too.

I agree; win today.

Personally (with no offense intended to others) I prefer DVH’s apparent strategy of “Let’s do the best that we can to win both today and tomorrow.” It doesn’t always work, but I try not to second guess his decisions. Compared to what I might otherwise suggest that he do, I think that what he decides to do is always right even though occasionally it just doesn’t work out for the best.

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