AD update

We are told Arkansas made contact with Kirby Hocutt of Texas Tech today, but he will not be the Razorbacks’ next AD. … r-arkansa/

Which kind of suggests that interim still means interim for the current job holder, at least for now. … r-arkansa/

That seems odd.

The powers that be can Jeff Long then want to hire someone he worked with previously and is not an “Arkansas guy”?

Gragg at Tulsa seems like the logical choice.

Not saying it happened this way - have no way of knowing. But, since it had leaked out that we were probably talking to him (it’s out there - I read it earlier today), and he decided not to take it . . . OR . . . we ended up not offering, Tech making such a statement (“he’s not interested in going anywhere - he’s going to be at Tech”) is a Public Relations 101 response. You see this type of statement all the time when coaches are rumored to be talking to another school, but end up staying. They spin it to make it look like they never had any interest, whether they did or not.

The treatment of Long is going to haunt this search. The way this was handled has to make good candidates think why would I want to deal with this group? I would particularly think that is true of any Northerner or anyone without Arkansas ties.

Really, just slapping Jeff Long in the face with Hocutt offer. They have been colleagues at previous programs & currently working together on CFP committee. Hocutt is the current chairman of the committee. Wow.

The firing of Jeff long was a major mistake.

I’m for one glad the TT AD is not our AD. TT athletics are irrelevant. So what has he done of any major consequences for TT athletics?

I would like to think we could find an AD who is about looking out for the UA athletic department and not themselves. Jeff was about Jeff. He was a self-promoter; the program was secondary to him. He happily stepped on the face of the program to promote himself. JCP is a female version of the same thing. She sniffs the AD job and it’s another 10 years of the same failures… or worse as we regress further down this feel-good road to nowhere.

Get someone with roots in the program who has great administrative and people skills and no personal agenda. Someone who makes a decision and thinks only of the program - no search committees to cover their ass or their incompetence, no running to the cameras to make “beautifully worded” statements about what they are doing with the program, etc.

After 25 years of Eddie and Nolan, I think we thought having a great basketball program was easy. Heath and Pelphrey showed how wrong that was. And after years of Broyles, a guy who made tons of great decisions and a couple bad ones, but ALWAYS decisions with the program foremost in mind, we are seeing what it looks like when we bring in “hired guns” with no connection to the Razorbacks and who are primarily guided by personal ambition.

Firing Jeff was 100% the right decision. What we are seeing now is a direct result of Jeff’s poor leadership. He was a pretender. Pitt was HAPPY to get rid of him after he tanked their program. Let’s see who is stupid enough to hire him now… and what happens if they do. Right now, he’s 0-2.

He turned us down, so it’s obvious he has something we want…he’s doing something relevant.

Jim Grobe and Tommy Bowden turned Jeff down also. Does that make either of them good coaches or “relevant”… I think what it shows is that we don’t want Jeff making coaching hires. Could have saved ourselves a lot of problems if we had acted then…

It’s going to be very difficult to get a top notch AD after we treated Jeff Long like we did.

He turned us down because of his friendship with JL. I would assume it was a courtesy…“are you interested?” and a courteous “thanks but no thanks”. He wouldn’t take the job that his friend had been fired from but also the AD search could not also be criticized for not reaching out to a prominent AD who is chair of the championship selection committee.

agree…worked here for years under Broyles which might soothe some of the hard feelings about JL took down the Broyles influence…well qualified…young…well educated…current AD…Dr. Gragg seems like a logical choice

Is he related to the family of Chris and Will Gragg?

Sounds like the consultants are doing a thorough job checking out who might be interested. They are certainly contacting dozens of AD’s if they are doing a thorough search. That goes without saying in every search like this. Since he is a friend of Long’s, I wonder if that is why he is the only one leaking that he told them he was not interested. Sounds like a little dig back at Arkansas for firing his friend and fellow committee member.

You are probably correct on that, but, to me, the pertinent point about this whole thing is that even a slug from TT is not interested in being considered for the Arkansas AD job. Whether that is due to the treatment of Long and Bielema (i.e., no class shown by the UA) or a general perception in the athletics world that UA is just not that desirable, or whatever, it is a big slap in the face.

This talk of how “poorly” Jeff Long was treated is just nonsense. He was paid millions of dollars to do a middling job and paid millions more to go away.

If you want to talk about someone being treated poorly and embarrassed why don’t you ask Jeff about the UAPB trustee who asked him very politely in a public forum about significant dollars going to another school in their conference for playing us (Florida A&M) and how that money was then used to compete and gain an advantage over them, a UA system school. And if the UA was going to do this had they thought about offsetting some of those dollars for UAPB.

His question was met with disdain and he was told that the UA plays who they want, when they want, and pays them what they want…the rest of it, tough. Could’ve heard a pin drop in the room after that. And it’s that type of attitude and treatment of people deemed not important enough by him that eventually did Jeff in.