AD search committee named … -director/

Interesting to see Bill Montgomery’s name there. I was under the impression that he had sort of disassociated himself since Nutt was hired over Tubberville. Is that correct, or I not remembering it right?

Should I be concerned that it took them a week to do this? Seems like a relatively long time.

This entire mess concerns me. It will be interesting to say the least.

I think it’s better than one person making the decision. I like the diversity on the committee.

Yeah, me too. Maybe they’ve already done the work and the committee will just approve the selection. If not, the possibility of making a coaching change quickly doesn’t seem likely either.

Glad Montgomery is on the search committee and yes he was not happy when Dicus was removed from the Razorback Foundation but he’s all UofA all the way.

Look for some other announcements this weekend…

For AD or on coaching change? Fully expect them to announce this weekend the BB has been let go.

Yes and NO…

Y’all do realize that it was the committee who overrode Frank to hire Nutt instead of Tuberville, right?
(Thank you John White.)

ideally if you’re going to fire a guy, shouldn’t you have a “better” person in mind if not already signed up???

Odd to fire Long, and not even have a committee ready to go, much less a person being named AD now.

There is some pressure, since we need a football coach very soon.

Not very reassuring at all.


No. It (in terms of timing) has all the appearances of a clown show. I do know Gerald Jordan and liked him as a professor. I’m sure he has been on several important hiring committees–not sure how that translates to picking an AD.

But, he’s smart and I don’t think he will be easily manipulated. That’s a start.

So it is ok for the Track Coach to help search for his new boss? Just asking. Seems like conflict of interest.

Half the people on this board seem to want Gus to be hired and then to pick his own boss

Just heard John Daly on the finebaum show put his 2 cents in for nutt to be AD. IMO that would be a big mistake. Tommy T over nutt any day of the week.

Would Nutt give his $3m golden handcuffs back and ask for forgiveness for running across the river to Ole Piss in less than 72 hours after being let go?

I’m not happy with the idea of a search committee mainly because it tells me there was no real plan in place when Long was fired. To the best of my knowledge every member of the committee is a good choice. The only reason I hate to see Bill Montgomery on the committee is that I’d like to see him as the A.D. I’d have no problem at all with a Chuck Dicus or Kevin Scanlon. I’ve also heard Quinn Grovey.

Regardless, I’m not happy with the idea of a cmte for the AD when we don’t even have a coach. I’m not sure we should get the coach first. I’d prefer the AD be in place.

Both are incredibly important hires.

No you should not have a better person “in mind” you should have a better person that has agreed to take the job. And even then they can back out on you. As we’ve seen in the past.

I’m not so sure there wasn’t