AD, MA, and New Coach

  1. What Joe Klein and CH said about meeting with AD and MA not going well is 100% accurate. AD is very impressed with CM and his relentless recruiting strategy. Has a plan and is working to get top recruits. Top 25 recruiting class after 2 & 10 year as an example.

  2. Arkansas will pay top dollar for the right coach who presents a similar plan to CM moving forward.
    4 to 5 million is not an issue. With the right plan that is!

  3. Unlike Jeff Long… This is his hire and will not allow leaks from trustees or anyone as to who AD really likes other than to say he’d be shocked at Beard. Texas Guy!! My friend was extremely impressed, and said point blank… “No way I can comment beyond that” REALLY Likes this AD to much to talk, and confident on the criteria he’s looking for to betray his trust.

Who is the next coach? No clue, other than to say he has to have a great strategy for recruiting, plan for success, and a winning formula! Of all the chats I’ve ever had with my friend, I feel very good about where we’re going!! This AD is serious about winning and willing to stake his job on the line to do so. His pick… we shall see!!

Unlike Jeff, that’s all I need. The world is a better place with him in the lesser version of Arkansas.

I like HY and o think he’ll probably get this right. It may not be the big name we are getting our hopes up for, but I’m sure it will be a good hire.

Agree 100%.

I like the fact that there are no leaks. But this is really HY’s first major hire. He promoted Major Applewhite at Houston when Tom Herman left for EOE. So I have nothing to go on in his background to reassure me that he knows how to conduct a big-two coaching search. Maybe he’s doing it perfectly, maybe not. We may not know if he got it right for three years; the “home run” hire that wins April might not get it done in BWA. Or the up-and-comer we all hate now may be the next Tom Izzo. Who, by the way, was promoted from associate head coach at Sparty.

I have a very strong notion that HY knows quality basketball when he sees it, and therefore knows when he sees good coaching. I feel pretty confident that he going to bring in someone that can coach a team up so that we will always be a team that is better than its individual parts. Those kind of teams are always competitive. Some of these coaches would like for you to believe they are walking on water, performing miracles, but really the good ones are grounded in fundamentals, the ole KISS method, it works more than you know.

I’m not sure the football search at Houston in 2016 was left entirely up to Yurachek. I remember reading something at that time about boosters and maybe even the university president were tired of having coaches use Houston as a stepping stone job (like Herman, Briles and Sumlin), and wanted someone who they thought would stay there awhile.

Quite possible. Major was an interim promotion since Herman left before the bowl game; despite losing the bowl game they gave him the full-time gig, and that may be where the PTBs exerted their influence. After losing two more bowl games, they gave him the pink slip.