AD and Football Coach

Have not been a Long fan, but not anti as well. I think he has overdone some things and there are far too many Chiefs in that department. Still, I understand it is a very difficut job that requires a CEO type. I do think that CEO must understand and relate to Arkansas.

My question, concern or thought is that if you need to replace the football coach, and the AD, who hires the coach? This coach deal needs to be settled with the RIGHT person right away - say 11/27 or so. Can we hire an AD and then hire a coach especially with the early signing date?

Now, I really question if Long can hire a football coach for Arkansas. Thought?

Before Petrino fell in his lap he likely was going to hire Jim Grobe or Tommy Bowden, don’t know who he passed on to get to Bielema who on paper was a good hire based on his recordat Wiski. I don’t trust Jeff Long to hire the next football coach but he probably will.

Before Petrino fell in his lap he likely was going to hire Jim Grobe or Tommy Bowden, don’t know who he passed on to get to Bielema who on paper was a good hire based on his recordat Wiski. I don’t trust Jeff Long to hire the next football coach but he probably will.

The only program that is a dumpster fire right now is football. Everything else is in pretty good shape or on the rise. I’m not anti-Long but like Colorado there are things I wish he would do different (like not so many dang commercials that hurt momentum).

I know this is about the football coach but not too long ago there were many that said CMA couldn’t recruit and were ready to show him the door. CMA got the best recruit out of OK, the best recruit out of TX, and the 3 best recruits out of Arkansas. He’s getting it done.

I have no such confidence in CBB so I am ready for him to go.

Actually, Jeff Long had Will Muschamp on hold while he negotiated, in secret, with Bobby Petrino.

Maybe it is because I do not live in Arkansas, but I do not understand why there are folks who think Long should go. Of course, there has always been a call for his head by a core group of people who loved Petrino. I know he is respected around the country (outside of Arkansas) as a quality AD. Other than the Petrino firing, which I and most others agree with, why do people think he needs to be fired? Not trying to start a debate, just wondering why?

They want him fired because he pushed certain groups and individuals out of power and prominence within the athletic department for one. Two, in an effort to raise capital for the SEC arms race, Jeff Long raised ticket prices, raised donation levels, wouldn’t adjust those and if you didn’t want to pay, they re-assigned your seats to someone who would. He sold concession services to Pepsi for highest bidder. He has made some questionable hires, see Jimmy Dykes and John L., but for the most part he has pushed the right buttons to generate the revenue for new facilities, etc. needed to compete in the SEC. He is not a southerner and can be viewed as aloof and arrogant.

The Pepsi bid had nothing to do with athletics. That was a university-wide bid that was won by Pepsi. It services the dining halls, the on-campus stores, the vending machines - everything on campus, including the athletic facilities.

Guessing here.

Today starts a quick turnaround.

Interim AD to hire the new FB coach and run athletics until a new AD is hired.

Long has run things well, made solid but not spectacular hires at least (Dykes is still a headscratcher, but I get the “why not?” seduction for one time). He has done some great structural work. He has networked with a new set of boosters but never was able to get over the fact he is “Not Frank Boryles.”

I said when he was hired that he had the worst job in college sports -replacing the greatest living legend in NCAA history. Frank wasn’t just football, he was everything UA sports-related. Tough to overcome that. He fought nobly for ten years. If Mike had immediately set the world on fire, and CBB panned out, then we wouldn’t likely be seeing this transition.

Really going out on a limb here - Frank worked his people until he was no longer able to do so…to support Jeff Long. Frank was a team player, through and through. When his health faded the last couple of years his followers begain posturing to move/act once he was gone.

If you are a glass-half-full person you see all the good of Long and understand giving CBB another year. If you are a glass-half-empty person you see all the reasons to purge both. Ultimately, what I see if I am Chancellor is a divisive topic that prevents the BOT and University officials from doing what they really need to be doing - building the University as a whole. Move on aggressively so you (Chancellor) maintain your voice and influence on things vs being told “though shalt…”

BOT should NEVER be in the position of micromanaging coaches (that’s like faculty being discussed as a business item … you don’t do that). Or, really, vice-chancellors. IF they are involved you have to presume HR or legal issues, or they themselves have been “dumbed down,” which is bad for anyone associated with the University (not just Hog fans).

Too many words, I apologize.

Good post OklaHawg

The football coach came with outstanding credentials and all of college football was amazed that a three time Rose Bowl playing coach dumped Wisconsin and pursued the Arkansas job. He has had five years, not only has he not “got it done” in those five years, the program just seems headed in the wrong direction. OK, it didn’t work so it is time to move on. Is it the AD’s fault that it didn’t work? I don’t thinks so. The facilities appear to be competitive so football has the tools to get it done. What else could the AD have done? Some complain about CBB’s buyout. Big buyouts are the “price of doing business” in today’s football coaching world and you will not get a top new coach without the security of a big buyout to give him time to fix things. If Long refuses to fix the problem by finding a new coach, then that may be grounds for his dismissal. Otherwise, I see the “he just ain’t one of us” and the “Petrino should never have been fired” folks trying to take advantage of Bielema’s failures to pursue their agendas against Long. There is a lot of “throwing the baby out with the bath water” going on in my humble opinion.


I’m not as anti - Long as many and as long as he fires this incompetent football coach it’s fine with me if he stays.

That said he ran off Chuck Dicus from the RF among other moves to distance the Ath. Department from the old regime. Was it needed? I don’t really know but when you make moves against long established power centers they have long memories and when they are given an opening they may sharpen the knives.

My guess is the FB program being in shambles has given some powerful people an opening.

It will be interesting to watch it play out.

Throwing out the water, and the baby, and the bathtub, and then burning down the house. IMO.

I don’t pretend to know the complete situation. All the things that need to be considered for Jeff Long to make a decision. Many of the fans are “BB’s not winning, fire him”. It ain’t that simple. It may be that at the end of the year, JL thinks a change is needed. I’m OK with that. It also may be that after considering all the factors and the entire situation, he keeps him for another year. I’m OK with that too. I do know that BB’s burning through his brownie points at an alarming rate. If he’s still here in 2018, he has to have a much, much better year, or we’ll be hiring an AD and a coach.

I don’t understand the animosity toward Long. I know it’s easy to criticize his hires after the fact, but I don’t see one that was a bad hire going in. We can say BP was because of character issues, but even then the character issues I heard about weren’t the sort to disqualify him from a coaching job. His ability to coach was unquestioned. Still is. CBB was a great hire if you’re looking at it in 2012 instead of 2017. He did a good job of giving Van Horn a great “stay at Arkansas” contract. I still believe MA was an excellent hire. Anyone we hire to replace CBB, assuming that happens, is going to be a risk. He’ll face the same inherent obstacles any coach here faces: competing on the field against the SECW in recruiting against the SECW & a dozen other schools who recruit where we do.

I’ve resented some of his money-grabbing methods–like tailgating spots, etc. However, our ticket prices are less than many of our SEC competitors. (I don’t know how we compare if we include RF donations in the equation.) Regardless, it takes a lot of money to compete in this league. TV money & our split of the SEC pie, while large, isn’t enough. We’ve got to get it from our fans.

I know he’s alienated some traditional Razorback stalwarts. I know he fired what I think are good people. He probably alienated too many former Razorbacks when he came in. I didn’t like that. Still, every new CEO has to bring in people who know he’s the boss & don’t question his decisions with, “that’s not the way we’ve always done it.” I get that. I didn’t like it, but it’s probably the only way he could efficiently run the dept.

Long showed integrity & guts when he fired BP. Our programs all seem to be operating with integrity. And the dept is one of the few in the nation that makes money. And he’s done this while our facilities are among the finest in the SEC & therefore in the nation.

With all this, there’s just no reason to fire Jeff Long. I remember when people wanted to fire Frank Broyles. People just need to get over this “let’s fire somebody or everybody” mentality. Sometimes it has to be done, but too many fans just enjoy the prospect of doing it.

The other piece that has not been mentioned here is our SEC last place finish in academics. That came as a shocker to me. And most of those results came on Longs watch. Last place…wow. And the spin has been for a while (from Long I assume) is that we’re doing well in academics. That (of course) is relative if there is improvement which seems to be the case. But last?

And make no mistake. Hiring a FB coach that is not producing and giving him a nice buy out puts Long squarely on the Hot Seat no matter what else he has done right. Escpecally when Long came in a basically cleaned house of most of JFB folks. There were many who will never get over that move.

It will be an interesting 3 weeks. I’d be happy if the Hogs won out and diverted all of this crud. Unfortunately that seems unlikely.

And as a fan I’m wanting answers on academics.

I strongly suspect we’ve been last in academics for quite some time. We just didn’t know it. APR has improved markedly, GSR has improved markedly (it was 60 15 years ago). But we haven’t caught up to the rest of the league. Face it, if the Baton Rouge paper hadn’t had that list yesterday, we wouldn’t know we were last now.

You can look up past GSR results on the NCAA website. I looked up the SEC results for 2003 by sport, just to see how much things have changed since then.
Here are our scores for 2003 with SEC ranking (12 schools back then):
Baseball 55 (tied for 7th)
Basketball 22 (last)
Football 55 (last)
Men’s golf 50 (last)
Men’s tennis 78 (9th)
Men’s track 67 (10th; Vandy didn’t list one)
Women’s hoops 81 (7th)
Women’s golf 100 (tied for 1st)
Gymnastics 90 (T-4th, 7 schools)
Softball 90 (4th)
Soccer 95 (3rd)
Swimming 87 (4th)
Women’s tennis 100
Women’s track 79 (9th)
Volleyball 89 (10th)

Is there some Apples to Oranges comparing going on? The last place finish is a judgement on Petrino’s program, not Bielema’s. Bielema coached a few of the athletes in the group that the rates are based on but his recruits won’t be judged for a while yet. I understand that the football academics have been steadily getting better under Bielema but none of that shows up in this analysis.

I see it that it’s the athletic department as a whole.
Not just football went into the GSR.

And Long has been here for 10 years.

You may look at it that way but all the ones who hate CBB are now "shocked " that it was this bad and blame CBB.

Yes Long No CBB