Actually enjoying Tommy Tub commentary on Tenn/SC

This is first game I have watched him doing color commentary and has some really good insight…better than I thought he would be.

I’ve been watching it, too. He’s a straight shooter.

And that ending sums up Tennessee’s season.

Today’s Life Champions - South Carolina.

Yea, great end of the game. I am not sure if that will put a fork in Butch Jones but don’t think he can survive long.

I don’t think TN is finished losing yet. They play Alabama next week & they still have to play UK & Vandy. Both those are winnable games for them, but hardly gimmes. They will beat Mizzouri. Not sure who else they pay.

I had the pleasure of working on Coach Tubberville’s security detail, traveling with he and the team while at the University of Cincinnati. My family like his are from Camden, and it was always awesome to talk about home.

I found him to be a very nice man, with great stories. He was supportive of law enforcement, and often took his meals with us. I loved his back story on the search when we hired Nutt.

Nice Story, sounds like he is great coach and good guy as well. I always wondered how he actually landed at Cincy and whether that was good fit, I guess maybe same thing could be say for Texas Tech.

I enjoyed working with him, but it never seemed like a good fit to me. A good ole boy from Southern Arkansas with a knack for telling it like it is, was not a good fit at an overly PC university. They also did not have the same commitment to winning that he has historically had. If they had gotten into the Big XII, I think he could have recruited the way he needed. His wife is from the area, so I would say that went a long way into his landing there.