Actual football tickets are in your account

Logged in to the Game Day app and the tickets are now there.

The 2 free Rice game tickets aren’t in there, though.

I had looked earlier today, but there were none there. Now they are there. Good deal!

I got the fay tic in my account but Little Rock game wasn’t there will they be there closer to the game, anybody know? Should I call ticket office?

I’d give them time.

I don’t know if mine were there earlier or not, they aren’t now. My aTm tickets were there, or the “be available 48hrs message” was, now they aren’t. My OM tickets are listed, but nothing there.

My OM tickets show there, but have not been issued. They probably have not assigned seats yet. My Little rock tickets are not shown.

Questions. Each of the tickets have “GPay - save to phone”. Then below it shows “transfer”. If I save all my tickets to GPay or phone (or should I just leave them in my account), will the “transfer” option still be there? If I save to phone, will the actual tickets to be scanned be there, or does that only show up on game day? Thanks

I have an apple phone, I transferred my tickets over to my wallet

Can you still transfer after saving them there?


So when you transfer them to your Apple wallet, does the ticket show up to be scanned?

You open your wallet and then it can be scanned at the game.

BTW, I just got an email that my tickets are ready. The email has instructions about downloading.

I took a screen shot of my tickets and have them in my phone photos.

I’m not sure I would call these “actual” but I guess its as close as it gets these days!

Well, they actually allow you entrance into the stadium, it’s the best we can ask for these days.

I can’t speak to the apple Wallet. But, when I transferred the Rice game tickets to Google Pay on my Galaxy 21, they did appear as the actual ticket to be scanned at the gate. I imagine it would be the same for the Apple wallet. I was surprised, I thought in the past the ticket to be scanned didn’t appear until game day?

It’s been that way for a while. Gymnastics and baseball tickets worked that way for the past season.

Thanks. I think the last e-tickets (single game) I got from the ticket office was in 2018 or 19.

I was also happy to see that after I saved them to google pay, they didn’t disappear from my account. The transfer instructions are made easy coming straight from my account. I can save all my tickets to google pay and still transfer some tickets, if necessary, later in the season from my ticket account.

For other users of google pay, I don’t find a way of transferring the tickets from my google pay account to another person. It appears, if I want to transfer any tickets, I’ll have to do it from my UA ticket account, which is fine, since they all remain there even after saving to google pay.

I should mention, I still haven’t fully set up my required new (as of June 2021) google pay account. Just the pay from account. That may be why I don’t have any transfer out options on the tickets.