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Assuming the season starts on time or somewhat on time, it seems to me the UA is at a distinct disadvantage. We not only had to forego all of spring practice, we’ve got a brand new coaching staff. How are Pittman & the coaches going to be able to install & teach an offense or defense with such limited time?

I understand from those who know that part of Morris’s staff failed our players in such basic fundamentals as footwork technique, etc. How can we compete in Sept when about the best we can hope for is a couple of weeks in August with a brand new staff?

I’m worried we’re starting out way behind.

Because we get more than a couple of weeks in August, we get 4. They also are asking for non-contact coaching in late July, sort of “shorts” practice to run plays, drills, etc. Pittman said yesterday they’d no pretty soon if we’ll get that period. They’ve installed the offense via Zoom, of course, that’s not actually running plays, but there’s been 8 hours a week of teaching for awhile.

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I’m guessing they will get to start a no-contact period sometime around July 15 to make up for the lack of spring practice. That would be about three weeks in addition to the normal preseason camp, assuming it is all continuous.

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I thnk we will get 6 weeks and am hopeful we can stay healthy and be ready.

The onus is to teach and re-teach. I’ve talked to Barry Odom about that several times. It’s teach and then fix. That’s the basic of coaching. One thing he told me that stood out is that he’s always played a lot of freshmen. Most of those did not have spring practice. It will work itself out.

You re-teach everything in the fall anyway. I don’t think it will prevent the staff from getting the right fundamentals taught.

The main area that I think will suffer is the depth of the playbook. They won’t run a vast amount of systems or plays on either side of the ball. Playbooks will expand because it’s a long season.

This isn’t a question, NEA…it’s a certainty. When something random disrupts the world, all are affected; most about equally, but there are always some who “come out ahead”, and others that are disadvantaged more than others. As usual for the Razorbacks over the past 30 years or so, we drew one of the shortest straws. Kind of like we did with the new December signing date.

In both cases (new coaching staff, December signing date),I think the long range affect will be positive for Arkansas. But in the short term, we absolutely got hurt by both more than most other schools.

That’s NOT a “little 'ol Arkansas” whine…it’s just the truth. No one conspired to make it happen, but however and for whatever reason things are as they are, it certainly did us no favors.

On the other hand…what can you do about it? Nothing. So you just play the hand you’re dealt and move on down the road.

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I’m glad to hear there’s more time to teach than I realized. I knew the players were reporting this week, but I haven’t been reading the stories on what the schedule is & what can happen. Appreciate all the responses. I feel a little better. Now I just hope we can avoid injuries & the virus.

I feel like the Mississippi schools should just as—if not more so—worried about this. I can’t imagine that Leach and Kiffin run simple offenses.

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To the contrary, I’d think an offense like Leach’s would be picked up pretty quickly by players today, most of who have come from wide-open passing offenses using the flash-cards on the sidelines. Very common these days.

Leach runs VERY few plays. The tricks are in formations and motion.

One thing that may help us out on offense is I don’t think Briles offense is nearly as complicated as CCM was and we may be able to implement it a lot quicker. We may be further ahead now then we would have been normally because of all the virtual meetings… I’m not sure about Odom defense as far as being complex.

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Good thoughts. Hope you’re right

Odom told me he annually plays a lot of freshmen. He is not afraid of playing young players and says they will be taught the system quickly.


Ok that’s good to know, that means both sides of the ball will not have to mentally be responsible for as much. Should allow both sides of the ball to play much faster…

What I like about Odom is that he is not married to a system. He will change fronts and play the back end to match that fits the players available. He is not committing to the front just yet. He wants to see players on the field. I talked at length about some of that last week and will write that for our football preview in the coming few days.


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