According to Twitter

As reported by The Athletic, the most tweeted-about games in March Madness have been:

  • Saint Peter’s-Purdue
  • Arkansas-Gonzaga
  • Arkansas-Duke
  • Saint Peter’s-North Carolina
  • Michigan-Tennessee

Most tweeted-about teams:

    1. Michigan
    1. Arkansas
    1. UNC
    1. Dook
    1. Saint Peter’s
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Kinda surprised that St. Peter’s vs. Kentucky wasn’t among the Top 5 games tweeted about. That was a big first round upset.

Also on Twitter, some of the Zags are still upset that Toney dunked at the end of the game. Hey, if you put on a full court press and don’t drop anyone back, you’re just asking to get dunked on,


These elitist snobby westerners that have never won a title need to grow a set.

I read one comment in that big thread posted the other day. “That dunk was so anti-Few”


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Babies. Like “We’re allowed to defend, but you’re not allowed to score.” That dunk was borderline erotic.


Almost as good as the teabag dunk against Auburn, even though it didn’t count.


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