According to the Baton Rouge paper

Will Wade was suspended, not for what the FBI heard him say, but for not giving the AD and the chancellor any explanation of what the FBI heard him say.

Stonewalling your boss is never a good idea, dude. Makes you look seriously guilty.

Same difference, right?

Red Stick paper also says LSU has no intention of skipping the postseason. If they have to vacate everything later, so be it. Which in a way I can understand. They don’t want to punish the kids that Wade didn’t buy. If there are any.

There are a few holdovers. Not very many.
Wade knows he will soon be a manager at Butger King. Or an announcer at ESPN.
Maybe they will fire the loud mouth Seth G.
I hope he gets charged and sued by LSU.
Maybe he will look good in stripes. LSU won’t get punished very bad by the NCAA anyway look at Ole Miss (football).
There are a lot more dynamic hard working Head coaches that simply out work every other head coach in the country that I hope suffers the same fate.

Potata, Potateaux

Yeah those walkons have busted their butts in practice all year and deserve courtside seats for one of the premiere events in all of sports.

The walk ons and hold over are the only players actually eligible to play. I don’t believe Reed was held out last night because of injury. Smart won’t see the court again this season.

Reed was Will’s prize recruit. A McDonalds All-American that I was surprised to see signing with LSU. If Will paid for Smart, imagine what he paid for Reed.

With all that bought talent, this youngest Razorback team ever, took LSU to OT in Fayetteville and beat them in Baton Rouge. Hope we get a crack at them in Nashville,

There is some thought that the reason he refused to meet with the AD etc. to discuss the issue is not over concern for a federal prosecution but simply to avoid being fired for cause. If he admits an NCAA violation to his bosses, that would very likely mean he gets fired for cause and they owe him nothing on the remainder of his contract. If he denies it, that sets him up for lying to his boss if he goes and testifies under oath that he was trying to buy a player.

He could argue later that he acted on the advice of counsel by not meeting with the AD, since he was about to testify in a criminal trial where there was still an ongoing investigation. That gives him leverage later in a buy-out negotiation to get at least part of what he’s owed on the remainder of his contract.

I just wish some recordings with Miss state and aurburn would come out…its clear as day but no evidence I guess.

Wade is being subpoenaed by the defense, not the government. They can’t give him immunity. Either he tells the truth, and gets fired, or he takes the Fifth, and gets fired. Or lies and goes to jail, and gets fired. He’s screwed.