According to Robert Moore …

Robert was interviewed on LR Radio this morning.

He said:

  1. Vanderbilt is the best team they’ve played this year. He hopes to play them again in Omaha.

  2. Enrique Bradfield is probably the best player in College Baseball.

  3. Vandy’s Sunday starter turned down $2,000,000 last year to go to college.

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I was very impressed with Vandy,saw a lot of great looking athletes on the field who played at a high level.

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What I’m trying to figure out is how that bunch was only 12-12 in the SEC coming into last weekend.

Kind of strange indeed with the stat #'s being what they are but in looking at their losses they lost 2 to SC where they gave up 8 each game then got got swept by Tenn where they only scored 4 runs all weekend lost 2 Auburn where they only scored 2,1,Lost to Fla where they scored 3,Kentucky where they scored 2,TAM 4,1 but also gave up 5 and 12,lost to Ga giving up 13 so combination of not hitting some weekend and not pitching others.

It looks they started slow, but won 4 of their last 5 SEC Series.

They’re playing their best ball for sure.

Offensively, they are very good. Pitching wasn’t bad either.
Bradfield puts so much pressure on the opponent’s defense.
Every time Bradfield got on base, you knew it was just a matter of time and it was guaranteed that he would steal second and in scoring position. He even stole third at least once that I recall. He didn’t score every time, but the pressure he put on the defense was so effective.
They were very opportunistic in their hitting. To me, that was the big difference in losing the series. We didn’t play that bad, and had opportunities to win, we just weren’t as opportunistic at the plate as they were.

I wondered why we didn’t try a pitch out to catch him stealing. He’d probably beat that too.

Yeah Turner made a perfect throw almost every time and almost got him. Opitz threw him out easily last year but that was trying to steal third, Wallace could not get in position to get his glove set look like this time probably wouldn’t have mattered

He’s something like 37 for 37 in stolen base attempts. I’m guessing it wouldn’t have mattered.

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40/40, incredible

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I must have heard the figure they gave before his last 3 steals. Either way, it’s impressive as hell. 100% stolen base rate with that many attempts is almost unheard of. And the thing about him is that he doesn’t just steal 2nd. He steals 3rd. That’s good base running.

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Yep, and it’s not just speed. He seems to have an incredible sense of reading the pitcher and timing his jump. He gets such a good jump and then with his speed, well, you see the results.
Kinda like he’s the Kopps of base stealing. You know what coming, you just can’t do anything about it!

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I thought the same thing when I was watching them play.

I detailed in a post above how they’ve done it, little bit of not much hitting and some bad pitching games.

The thing with him he’s quick and fast and he’s a long Strider, the perfect base Stealer.

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He made some great plays in CF took. Kinda like that 7’ dude stealing a HR in RF.

Yeah! We was robbed!

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