According to my bracket

The Hogs knock out the Zags on their way to the elite eight. just sayn


Hope you are right brother


Just like my bracket. I have Hogs, Wisconsin, UCLA and Arizona in the final 4. I hope I’m right.


I have climbed accidentally in the ESPN bracket to within the 800,000s – up from the 2,000,000s – and my final 4 are intact - today. I have Arkansas, Villanova, Purdue, and Providence; I still have 5 of my top 8 and 10 of my sweet 16 remaining. If Alabama whipped Gonzaga, I think we can give them a good game, if not win.

This is I think the worst bracket I have ever filled out. My only shot at a final four is Duke who I have beating the hogs…but unless the refs become a factor, I now expect T. Tech to take the blue devil’s out. Two or three years ago I correctly picked the elite 8, and the eventual winner. That was a pretty good bracket.

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