According to Morning Rush HY

HY has his man, but nobody seems to know who that is! Possibly Sampson, Beard or someone that nobody would have thought would be interested in Arkansas. I also heard HY is willing to go as high as $4M! At that price could include a lot of coaches! Wow!

Keep coming back to Beard…Dream On. :sunglasses:

It’s quite alright to dream. :slight_smile:

Billy Donavan?

John Pelphrey?

Is Billy Donovan the NCAA Basketball version of John Gruden?

He was spoted at Powerhouse at Lunch :grinning::grinning::grinning: with a Razorback red tie on

Coach Beard reminds me of Coach Eddie Sutton. His teams play stifling defense and play smart…not a particularly exciting brand of basketball, but winning basketball.

My favorite brand of basketball is when we end the game with the win.

I think if we would to start getting to elite eights and better we would start being more excited in a hurry! Good post. WPS

If they have any hope of a true home-run hire, I think they’re gonna have to come up with at least $5 mill per year. Whoever it might be.

This. I agree.

It’s time to put up or shut up.

Either we are serious.

Or we are not.

The market is below 4 million why do we have to go to 5 million? 4.25 i could see, any higher than that it’s got to be coach K or the like.

You realize Coach K makes $9 million, right? Calipari makes $8 million. The Ohio State coach got $7 million to leave Butler. Bill Self makes $5 million. Even soon-to-be-unemployed Sean Miller makes $4 million. So does Tom Izzo who is in the Elite Eight again. And Roy Williams, who isn’t. The market for truly elite coaches is in that vicinity.

But the answer to your specific question is we’re going to have to overpay to get a KYSO coach, because we’re not considered a destination job (and, frankly, because we’re putting outrageous expectations on the new coach).

  1. Who is “we’re” — Hunter Yurachek? Message board posters? You mean to tell me a coach won’t come to Arkansas because of message board posters or maybe a few Twitter idiots? Ok. No. Try again.

  2. What “outrageous expectations” are you talking about, especially in light of the reported willingness to pay $4MM? Maybe an occasional Elite 8 or Sweet 16? That’s outrageous? More hyperbole and nonsense. We should expect to do as good as Texas Tech. It is in Lubbock, a place you have described as “god awful.” Fayetteville is no great urban oasis, but it’s as good as Lubbock as a recruiting destination. So why can’t we expect to do as well as Tech, who pays its coach $3MM?

  3. I don’t disagree about overpaying a KYSO coach, but every school has to do it for that caliber of coach, regardless of whether it’s a destination job. Arkansas is no different. And it’s chicken and egg. Overpay and win big, and perhaps Arkansas becomes whatever you think is a “destination job.” It’s arguably been that in the past. Frankly, it’d be refreshing to see Arkansas “overpay” for something, just one time. Other schools do it. Not my money to spend, however.

Coach K make right at $9 million. Cal makes right at $8m,
Some guy at Ohio St makes $7.1 million. We have a ways to go to get in that neighborhood.

You are all missing the point, the market is below 4 million, which is not what the top 6-8 coaches are making, if you are paying above the market it has to be a solid well known commodity. Most of the guys we are talking about seriously are not going to require 5 million per.