According to Grant Hall....

On his radio show, Press Row, he feels certain that B.B. is gone following the last game, (no shock there). But he also stated that Jeff Long would be gone as well, at least by January. He stated that Long does not have the confidence of the BOT. He stated that Steinmetz would be very busy for the foreseeable future.

If true, then it would stand to reason that possibly the new coach might be chosen by a committee of sorts.

Just passing along Grant’s thoughts. But he did not sound like it was an opinion, but rather fact.

There’s a problem if that happens. We’ll have to hire a coach who won’t know who his boss will be. That’ll make it that much harder to hire a coach. I don’t like the scenario.


Hmmm…Will be interesting to see the HI insiders weigh in on what they are hearing.

If this is indeed the plan, the BOT needs someone to advise them that it is extremely difficult to hire a proven coach when they don’t know who the AD will be. Many coaches get cold feet about taking a job even if the existing AD is known to be on shaky ground. Coaches like having a long term plan, hard to do that if you don’t know who the AD is or how long they’ll be there

I doubt this would occur but if it did it would likely be very bad. That approach left our basketball program a shell of itself for a generation.

I get that same feeling.

Crazier things have happened but that senario is not a good one. I’m not Long’s biggest supporter but dumping both right now is hard to imagine.

Being totally out of the loop on inside stuff I could see “money people” making a trade of ponying up CBB and staffs payout if Long is dumped too.

That does not sound good. Hope Grant is wrong.

Like LDHog said, I am not a huge fan of Long, but now is not the time for a change in AD. If BB is gone, they need to reaffirm the commitment to Long or hiring a new coach will not be easy.

One other thing, got to give Long credit for keeping the job this long. Following a legend is hard. Usually the first guy after a legend last only a short time.

One scenario (and it’s one I was told was “the plan”) is that the BOT already has the AD in waiting. So any coach hired would know who that was.

But there are so many things floating around.

1st post.

Got on to see the rumors swirling, and compare to what I’ve heard.

This is what I believe to be true as well, it goes along with what I’ve heard.

So we now know where the Gus coach stuff comes from. The Springdale group must have put up money and got their man the job.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I don’t think Long is gone. Overall, Arkansas athletics is in excellent shape. But if Bielema is fired, best have his replacement named by Monday after Thanksgiving. If he’s going to be fired, you would think the decision has been made and a search is going on.

But if it’s a done deal, why would they not know who the AD would be? They gonna fire Bielema and go fishing for an AD? sounds like speculative Hogwash, no pun intended. But if true, everybody should already be in place.

heard a version of same thing here. we shall see and things do change. never know what might happen next two weeks.

Sounds like a kangaroo court deal.

that strikes fear into my heart…

yes it does.

the ONLY way the scenario makes any sort of sense whatsoever is if they have the next AD waiting in the wings as mentioned above/

otherwise… as repeatedly mentioned it would be very bad idea

I find it hard to believe they have an AD waiting in the wings. If that were the case, they’d have already fired Long. AD’s don’t have to be fired at the end of the season. Besides, I’d be shocked if something that major could have occurred without a leak of some sort. This isn’t like Long hiring CBB. This is a BOT thing. I suppose Steinmetz could have been charged with finding someone at the last BOT meeting, but I doubt it.