According to football scoop

Barry Odom will be new DC at Arkansas. No official announcement yet. Stay tuned! This is a great hire!

I’m hearing $1.5M for Odom and we already know Brad Davis is gonna make $550K. Stepp made $400K last year; I’m presuming he’s not gonna take a pay cut. So if the salary pool is $5M, we’re about halfway through it.

(I think it’s gonna be well over $5M by the time we’re through hiring a staff, so our future dentist was panicking for nothing)


Hiring DC with SEC experience and head coaching experience is a huge plus. Hopefully an OC with similar credentials can be hired. Anyone got any news on the OC.

Yeah don’t 5 million has ever been set in stone,I have a feeling we will get the best possible staff and make the money workout.

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Dennis Franchione told a story about being interviewed by Broyles for our HC job back in the 90’s. He said he was shocked by Frank’s answer to his question about money to hire a good staff. He said, “I asked him how much money was available to put together a good staff.” Frank replied, “whatever it takes.” Franchione said he’d never heard of such a thing. He was incredibly impressed with JFB as an AD. Of course, as we know, Franchione did not get the job. I don’t know if this was before we hired Ford or Nutt, but I’m sure it was one or the other.

I have heard that that the $5M assistant pool was just a starting point and that the money is there to go to $6.5M.

Plus, The Chad is making $1.2M at the Barn so that saves us a little over $1M a year on his buyout.

Yep, pretty much would have had to be. Frank didn’t interview anyone before he hired Jack Crowe in January 1990, and Franchione was just leaving D-II Pittsburg State. Fran had just ended his first season at New Mexico when we hired Danny. He left UNM for TCU at the same time we hired HDN but could have interviewed then, although it seemed to be Wingnut Tuberville vs. Nutt for that job.,

I know the Kiffin offer was a rumor, but it was $10 million total, so if CSP is making $3 million, my guess is $7 million pool for assistants. That would be around $5 million :wink:

Absolutely! We were about to give Gus 7 million a year which would be almost as much as they said we would allocate this year for the whole staff… I have always thought money would not stop us from hiring the best possible staff we can get.

That’s what I’m thinking too. I’m thinking HY was being intentionally vague when he said “around” $5M.

OC don’t tend to get paid as much as DCs, with some exceptions. The highest paid OC in the country this year was Sarkisian at Bama and he has extensive HC experience.

No idea what it would take to land Chip Long for instance; Notre Dame doesn’t release assistants’ salaries, but of course he no longer works for them anyway. Dowell Loggains’ name always pops up, but who knows if he has any job security with the Jets (or any desire to get into college as anything other than a HC).

Hiring Odom is HUGE! in my opinion because CSP will now have a very current head coach to help him in crucial situations during the game and it takes it takes being a head coach to to learn how to handle certain game situations.

Makes sense from a negotiating stance to not advertise the amount of money available.

I suspect Hunter Yurachek will budget enough with the 2 coordinators in order to bring us excellent coaches on both sides of the ball. Barry Odom is a great hire, and I would bet we get someone similarly good on offense. We saved 2-3 million on the Pittman hire, so we can probably find the funds.

You could see how the 2 head coaches who were coordinators at Ole Miss improved their team…Rodriguez and McIntyre. Hopefully, that will be the case with the Razorbacks.

Rich Rod is available, by the way. He was making $900K at OM.

Could it come down to Rodriquez or Long? Or what about Lashlee?

I agree with you on this Swine…I just think HY was using it as a starting point so that CSP could start getting things figured out.

The only person who knows that answer is CSP. We think Lashlee is interested as a UA grad, and Long used to be a GA here. But we don’t know. Rich Rod comes up just because he’s unemployed and an RPO guy. Loggains (a) went to school here, (b) has a rep as a QB guru, ( c) supposedly wants to be HC here at some point and (d) an NFL assistant on a losing team is never safe. But would he come as a coordinator, and could he adapt to RPO?

It better be at the rate we are going. Or they may reach out to me to coach the RBs because they ran out of money.
I agree though, it will likely go well over that 5 M mark, I’m wondering If HY said that as a blanket statement to keep agents from trying to negotiate for extra money because of said money pool.

I don’t think any smart business person (started to say man but I didn’t want to get called out on twitter) ever tells exactly what he has to spend… but the Odom hire tells us they’re willing to spend it if they need to.