According to Dennis Dodd,

61 percent of Power 5 schools favor a breakaway from the NCAA. P5 schools would then be able to establish its own amateurism rules, scholarship limits, etc.

Dodd tweeted this and didn’t say where he got his info.

Interesting, but 61% doesn’t strike me as a huge consensus. I wouldn’t mind seeing it, though. At least I don’t think I’d mind. Would the breakaway be limited to football? The challenge would come in sports besides football. Would there be a separate basketball championship? Would the college world series be in Omaha & only limited to schools from P5 conferences? When it comes to football, I’d just as soon eliminate the MAC’s, SBC’s, etc.

There are 65 Power 5 schools. So 61% of the P5 would be 39.65 schools. Forty of 65 would round up to 62%; 39 is an even 60%. Agree with Chip that that’s not a huge consensus, but I also bet the same question last year would have gotten a lot less than 39 yes responses. So momentum is building with every Mark Emmert screw-up.

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