According to Caesars Sportsbook

78% of the bets on Arkansas-Cincy took the Hogs -6.5, and a slight majority took the over on 53.5.

For what that’s worth…

Basically saying we’re going to win 30-23.

That actually doesn’t hit the over. 31-23 would.

I think we’ll win by at least 10 but could be even more. You read it here first!

I’m not as nervous as I’d normally be against a tough opener. Not sure why. Maybe I’m not as passionate as I once was or maybe I’m just confident. All the game day guys piked us. Except Herbstreit. He picked Cincy.


And it’s 31-24. We covered and hit the over.

It’s scary sometimes how accurate those vegas guys can be.


I agree with you! I used lay a few bucks down on sports back in the day. They are so accurate sometimes it makes you wonder.

I picked 31-28 in my little group of duck hunting buddies.


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