According to Big 12 bylaws

If Texas and OU are going to join the SEC in July 2024, the notice of departure has to arrive by today.

Although, like the size of the exit fees they’ll have to pay to get out, that deadline is negotiable. But still today could be interesting on that front.

Question 1–Does the SEC want those 2 cats in the league now or later? Or do we know?

Q #2 Any idea what the schools want to do?

Q #3 Do we care?

In order:

#2 I have not looked at the Sch. but I was thinking maybe OU or the shorthorns just might want to play a couple of games that might change due to the SEC sch, now does that make any since?

Well now it’s confusing to me, :upside_down_face:

Whenever OU and EOE come on board, schedules will have to change. For instance, we already have four nonconference games scheduled for 2025, when OU and Texas will definitely be on board. If they go to nine games, which seems almost a certainty, one of those has to go away. Which one?

Since the Big 12 already plays nine conference games, Texas and OU don’t necessarily have to dump any future NC games (except those already scheduled against Georgia and Florida later in the decase_. But they may have to rearrange dates and in so doing some of those games may go away in favor of teams that can play on the dates they have available.

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