According to 2019 Schedule

we will be playing Missouri in LR on Saturday after Thanksgiving instead of Friday. What was the reason for changing days? Did CBS decide to pick up another game on Friday or was it one of the schools decision?

The game is always listed as a Saturday game until CBS decides to move it to Friday. That’s something they usually do in the summer, I believe. It’s been that way even when we were still playing LSU after Thanksgiving. It would come out on the schedule as a Saturday game at first.

I guess there’s no guarantee that CBS will move the game to Friday. They had Auburn vs. Alabama on a Friday for two years instead of us and LSU a few years ago. We’ll see if they follow form this year and move the game to Friday.

Auburn and Alabama have no interest in playing on Friday again. Neither does anyone else, but for some reason we have embraced it. The only value to us is it guarantees a CBS spot.

Yep - my relative who does advertising investment and analysis for a major tasty adult beverage company says the game will be decided by CBS this summer or very early fall as normal per their eval of TV market shares and contract requirements

They do prefer a team like Bama and Auburn but those teams donot want the loss of a day of prep and taking them out of game prep cycle

We can expect the game will continue to be at 11:00 Eastern unless the contest has an influence that affects others bowl and championships that would increase the market share