Accept the fact that we are

We started 3-0 and were ranked high. 3-6 since! Good teams don’t lose 3 of those games and we all know it. We have a ways to go to be middle tier.

No. I think those are fair questions and disappointments. But losing today is not at all surprising. What’s the count now? Mizzou leads 10-4?

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Such a fine line from a 6-6 season to a 9-10 win season when you’re Arkansas.


Really really well said. I work with a UK fan and a South Carolina fan. We three remark every Monday around the office how there is a fine line with programs like ours.

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But, Missouri is not a good team. Not at all. If losing today is “expected “ or “acceptable “ we have no hope. None at all.

The more I read on here, the more I lose any hope.


Psssst. Neither are we and rarely have been the past 25 years.

I don’t disagree. I am 59 years old. I have lived and died with each game for the last 48 years.

Spent a LOT of money on the program in the last 35 years.

Worth it? Really, really starting to think no.

I have told my family several times in the last few years that I wish I didn’t care so much. I would be better off.

I might just be able to walk away and quit caring. Might.


Well, after a great start, injury and inconsistency set in. A veteran offensive line that sometimes looked like it could play in the NFL and other times looked like couldn’t start in high school. An OC that sometimes looked like a genius and other time looked like he didn’t have a clue. The defense struggled all year even with mediocre teams.

Yes, we need defensive players at almost every position. The DC tried but injury really was a factor. This last game had a feel of the Morris disaster.

We are 6 and 6 after 3 years and we probably are viewed as a lower tier SEC football team. Having said that, we were in most games and Pittman has made progress. A play here and there would have made an average year into a great one.

I’m still a Pittman fan and he’s the one that has to evaluate the coordinators and do what he thinks is needed

Certainly the portal is looming and will negatively and positively effect the team. Only time will tell.

I’m waiting for the bowl selection to see if we go. I’ve always supported the team and will continue to do so.


Don’t kid yourself - you can’t walk away. Neither could I if I wanted to.


Close, we’re Razorback fans.

I would just like more competence, much more, and less boneheadedness

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I understand your feelings. It appears we aren’t willing to invest in whatever is necessary for us to compete in football. We are top 15 in revenue in football and accept the idea we can’t compete.

With the transfer portal, why would any coach be concerned about redshirting? In addition, not many coaches are in one program for five years?

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Eh. I mean he became a starter as a freshman, he helped us win some games and he seems to have a bright future as a DB. There are alot of things that went wrong this year, but of all things, McAdoo doesn’t seem to be one of them.

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My point was it’s alarming that we had to go to a freshman wide receiver to help on d. Then he becomes a starter. Where is the development of the players that were recruited to play db?


That line starts in the weight room bud!

I’m as disappointed in today’s game as anyone. I hate losing to MO. It’s not time to give up on Razorback football though.

It was time to give up when we had back to back seasons of 2-10 (0-8) with an 0-20 SEC record going, just 3 years ago. Most of our SEC losses were probably by about an average of 30 points.

Coming off of 9-4 and 7-6 or 6-7 seasons is not time to quit, especially when 4 of our losses were by 3 or fewer points. We remained competitive, even with major injuries to key players. If we take another backward step next year, and don’t even make a bowl game, then it’s time to at least consider major staff changes.

All just my opinion.


Man there’s no easy answer. When our hugs are good enough to win big the refs have screwed our hogs and when we stink they don’t have too.
Florida in the SEC championship game and the loss to Tennessee the dreaded trip! Our hogs better learn to play with an attitude.

What is alarming is how quickly we forgot how miserable the program was when Morris left. Not just 2-10 back to back, but already in a tailspin from the Bielema era and it never pulled out, not once. The number of SEC-caliber players inherited by Pittman couldn’t have been beyond 20. Some of those are marginal. They coached up some, and built that number (40, maybe) through the portal and recruiting. Time to improve it again. Those 40 are not like the 42 that went bowling with LSU last year, either. LSU’s rotser was (and is) littered with guys who could transfer to ANY playoff contender without missing a beat. We are not there yet.

As Hog2009 noted, we are wher KY and USC-E are - stuck in-between where we want to be and where we once were. Growing pains suck.

To address the McAdoo question - he didn’t play CB in HS, and clearly wanted to play WR in college. He would not have signed with UA had we said, “yeah, we see you as a DB.” Same with AJ Green, by the way, another whose raw athleticism could have helped at CB.

The issue is not why did we not look at him sooner, the issue is, “why didn’t we throw a party for Dom Bowman that he was able to get McAdoo able to contribute so quickly?”

We all understand that part of the reason Simeon Blair plays all the time is because he knows the reads, the schemes, and makes the calls on the field. He was the only one on the back end capable of that with the departure of Catalon. That is a talent that we need - but as fans we can’t measure that as ably as we can height, length, or speed. We sit here and wring our hands, “my god, why do they not play someone else?”

And the simple answer is, 'because no one else is capable of playing."

Giving up gashing gains and first downs as the contributor in the secondary means that during practice, the backups proved to not be able to do better, and the results would be even worse. Coaches are risk-averse, by nature. The new culture of “go for it on 4th down” cut contrary to coaching tradition. The calls for, say, Keuan Parker to have played a lot at CB makes sense to us, but likely would require Odom and Co going against their risk-averse evalutaions.

Risk aversion is why so few freshmen played this year, period. Reduce the risk of a gaffe. We saw what happens when a less experienced, but talented and promising, OL subs in when Luke Jones went down briefly vs Mizzou. About six plays in and Crawford was rolled inside and Limmer out to LT, not his optimal position obviously, but less likely to commit a gaffe.


Looks like you’ll be happy.