My rough calculation tells me that to date ACC with 6 wins and SEC with 5 wins-- and we have not had any dbl digit losses-- maybe ACC teams over rated

And the ACC had 9 teams in the tourney to the SEC’s 6. Yeah, I’d agree with overrated.

ACC down to 2. Big Blue storms from behind to take down the Cards. Big 10 was underrated.

The SEC had 5 teams get in the Dance
Arkansas, Florida, Kentuck, South Carolina and Vanderbilt !
And yeas the overrated ACC got 9 with 2 still standing. It’s possible the Pundits are just full of hot air.
The SEC /Big 12 challenge should have been an indication but that failed to take notice.
Since they are so good with numbers maybe they can figure the percentages now! We will have a real good idea when the games are completed today. It’s apparently the SEC is as good as any of the power 5 when it’s played on the hard work and not on a computer screen.

Would be fantastic if SEC teams could send 2 remaining ACC teams packing-- hogs and SC could do that-- provide credibility for next year

It would be nice! The hogs need to take advantage every time given a chance for easy baskets and avoid putting Tar Heels on the charity stripe. We can win it’s going to take a team effort.
South Carolina can win as well. They flipped a switch the other night and went crazy scoring. Maybe that’s a good sign for them.
As for Kentucky as bad as I can’t stand them and Greaseball I’d like to see them play overtimes until about noon tomorrow!
I don’t like Greg Marshall either. Maybe he will take the Indiana job after the Dance ends for them. Cats win just to help the SEC!