ACC offices moving to Charlotte

This is kind of interesting. The ACC office is moving from Greensboro, N.C., to the Bank of America tower in Charlotte. The release gives a number of reasons for the move, including accessibility to a major airport. One thing not listed, but probably a plus, is that ESPN has a big presence there. That is where the SEC Network studios are located. I would assume ACC Network is there, too.

Seems a bit odd that their offices were in Greensboro.

If you had asked me where they were, I would have named off several other cities and given up before I got to Greensboro.

I only knew because I have received mail from the ACC office with the Greensboro address. It had been there for 70 years.

The SEC office has been in Birmingham for a little longer. It was originally housed in Jackson, Miss., and the governor of Mississippi was the commissioner.

It’s not odd that the ACC offices were in Greensboro. The league was founded in Greensboro. Headquarters have been there for 70 years. The ACC basketball tournament used to be in Greensboro every year. Duke, Wake Forest, UNC, and NC State are all closer to Greensboro than Charlotte. There are good reasons to move to Charlotte, but it should not be a surprise that headquarters were in Greensboro.

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