ACC: Expand Big Dance to 72 teams

Four more at-large teams, perhaps a second First Four site (First Eight?). Plus some rule changes (moving the 3-point line back, resetting shot clock to 20 after an offensive rebound and wider free throw lane).

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I would absolutely love a 20 second shot clock following rebounds…

I don’t really mind if another four teams get in. What I would like to see are the first four games changed to include only bubble teams. Don’t penalize the teams that won their conference tournament by making them participate in a play-in game. Let them experience the real deal.

If they only add four more teams, I think that regular-season conference champions that did not get a bid should get priority for those spots. Once all the conference champions are in, then an at-large can be given with what’s left of the remaining four.

I really don’t know why some of these leagues bother with a conference tournament. They can’t make much money on them. Get rid of those, and all their regular-season winners get in. UAPB would have gotten in last year, since the conference winner was ineligible for postseason play. Instead UAPB had to play Texas Southern in Houston, and got drilled in the final. But the last holdout has thrown in the towel. The Ivy League has a tournament now.

I don’t think mid-majors would do the conference tournaments if it didn’t make real money for them. A lot of mid-major athletic departments dip into the general student fund to finance athletics. What’s chump change for the SEC may keep a mid-major athletic department afloat. Also, some big conferences like the MAC and CUSA have unbalanced schedules. Competitively they pretty much must have a tournament.

I also think that there is something to be said that every team can win the NC until they lose in postseason. Just make room so that all regular-season conference champions have a slot. CUSA has advanced to the round of 32 for four straight years, two of which were not the conference champion, but doesn’t have a prayer of getting two bids because the dregs in the cellar cause too big a hit on SOS and power conferences are reluctant to do home and homes. It’s a two-bid league at least. Make it so.

Just add a complete round! Put Kentucky in the G league. That’s the change I’d make.

Ditto!! I have been thinking this since the inception of the 1st Four chamge!

If it wasn’t for those tournaments, the greatest upset in NCAAT history would not have happened.

True. UMBC finished second in the America East regular season, then beat Vermont in the tournament to get to UVa.