Absolutely Embarassing

First time this year, I’m turning the game off early. I don’t care if they come back in win, embarrassing effort, no energy, lackadaisical passes, no rebounding, nobody wants to win out there. We are getting manhandled by an undermanned Miss St. team right now, they are literally laughing and playing around with us.

For those that said this team wasn’t going to the NCAA, I"m eating crow, you were 100% right, we got the talent even though they are young, but for some reason these last few games something ain’t clicking. This is on CMA, when guys are focused and playing with no energy, that’s on the coach.

The bench is awful. Pathetic. Not only can they not shoot, they give the ball away.

This team is not talented if we are playing guys like Gabe and Bailey. They wouldn’t play at UALR.
Some of the young guys may have talent but prepared and coached they are not.

Please list the talent we have? I see 5 players on current team that would play for other SEC teams. Adrio, Gabe, Sills, Chaney all play significantly but would be sitting other places if they even played high D1. The ball lands at Mikes feet, he signed these bench players that are clearly less talented and just can’t score. He still gets next year but it’s looking like we may see his first losing season. Forget the first 3 years…this is still hard to accept in year 5

Poor effort! The only good thing they did today was show up!
I don’t want to hear no more fastest 40! They don’t play but about 10 minutes a game. Sorry excuse for a team. Get rid of those that can’t play. Start with Gabe and Adrio! I’d rather see a 5 guard lineup next year than those 2 on the floor. If there’s someone on that bench that can’t play send them packing. Get some players.

How many turnovers did Harris have tonight.

Too much hero ball. Too many times I saw a player go for the score instead of passing to an open player only to miss the shot.

Mississippi State just is too talented for us. Mason Jones was it tonight…he tried until the end. We don’t have the talent to match up with the Bulldogs. They are strong on the frontline where we aren’t. Their guards played well even if they were missing a starting guard. They just were too tough.

We need to get some frontline help or next year is going to be brutal.

Howland is a good coach. He has taken teams to multiple final fours and used his time outs well in the 2nd half. He would not let us get on a run. We weren’t going to beat the Bulldogs, but he coached a good game, I thought.

Mississippi State has the talent to get to a Sweet 16 or better.

Blu, we may not have gone if we had won tonight, here is the Quadrant records for each SEC team.:

Q1&Q2 = Good win
Q3&Q4 = Bad loss

TN Q1-2 (11-2) Q3-4 (11-0)
LSU (13-4)(8-0)
KY (11-4) (10-0)
USCe (6-10) (7-2)
Ole Miss (7-7) (11-0)
Bama (8-8)(7-2)
AUB (8-8) (9-0)
Miss St (11-7) (7-0)
AR (3-9) (11-2)
FL (5-10) (9-1)
Missery (5-11)(7-1)
aTm (4-11) (6-3)
Ga (2-13)(8-2)
Vandy (3-14) (6-2)

Update after tonight’s game

Our remaining games by Quadrant:

aTm Q3
@KY Q1
Ole Miss Q2
@Vandy Q3
Bama Q2

We are tied with Vandy for Q1 wins, and we are ahead of GA. Everyone else has better results. I’ll admit I was shocked when I saw this, and like you I’m gonna eat crow, we are going to the NCAAT this year, and probably not the NIT either.

Edit: Yes I know the games are listed out of order

You are telling it like it is. However, most people on this forum prefer fairy tales to the truth.

Of course with players that are bigger and quicker, most SEC teams have more talent than us. It has been that way for twenty years and may be that way for next twenty years.