About what I expected

My final game prediction was 56-13. A 43 point spread. Defense was a little better than I expected and Offense not quite as productive. Love the H&H backs, Hayden and Hammond. Williams a great pick up. Whaley will have to work hard to keep his starting position. Limpert did a nice job kicking off. J. Nance looks like he’s going to be the possession guy. Unbelievable catch by O’Grady tonight. O-Line will have to really pick it up. Still don’t know what we have on Defense. Rattler Offense had no venom.

Barnes played well at the end. I think it’s going to take 3 or 4 weeks until they find their go to receivers are. Wish they would have thrown it deep but Allen was under pressure most of the night. He made 2 or 3 very bad throws and had guys open but threw somewhere else. I think he needs confidence in a receiver like he had with Morgan. They are all mostly new and jred has barely practiced. Will take some time. Screen game looked good. We have speed at wideout but didn’t use it, understandable with not wanting to show much.

I’m comfortable with everything but the Oline pass protection. I am very happy with the defense even though it was against lower competition. I think AA had too much pressure and was just pushing too hard to do too much.

There were several times AA just held the ball too long. I think he is one of those QBs who just hates to give up on a play, which can be good and bad. The receivers also appeared to blow routes on a couple of occasions, notably leaving two WRs close together on more than one occasion, hardly surprising given the lack of experience. Still, AA hung in and made some plays in the second half. The passing game/protection was a long way from being terrible, but there is a lot to work on.

I look for more screens and for the TE to be a bigger part of the game plan when we play TCU and get into the SEC. In other words they are going to game plan out some of the things that cause him to get hit and force passes, and then work those back in as circumstances dictate. The screen game looked pretty good, and they kind of kept the TEs under wraps a bit.

I was very encouraged by the blocking of the TEs and FBs tonight, albeit against inferior competition.

One really good thing about tonight was that TCU does not have a big, physical defense, and like FAMU will run a lot of blitzes, so Enos and friends will have a couple of extra days to get some of the recognition/OL protection issues cleaned up, and then the open week to evaluate/tinker again. At the end of the day, though, AA is just going to have to play better.