About to drive to Springdale and pick up a new puppy

Beautiful pup, Jeff. What’s a Cavapoo?

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My 3-yr old Hungarian Vizsla, Ruby. Very old breed that was used to develop German shorthair pointer and Weimaraner stock in the 1800’s. Because Vizslas were a symbol of Hungarian aristocracy, German and Russian soldiers intentionally slaughtered them during WWII. Enough survived outside Hungary after the war to keep the breed viable, but numbers remain low. Crazy intelligent and super athletic. Not a good apartment/condo pet without daily access to lots of open range and water. A 50# lapdog she is.


Thank you LD!

It’s a mix of a miniature poodle and a cavalier.

Will look like this grown.


A mixed breed that someone (likely) paid too much for.

I love that color.

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And she was not happy yesterday watching the game with me


I don’t remember anybody asking you Baumbastic! When I had my Lab I reached out to you because I thought you were a dog expert. It was a simple question and you responded with a smart azz, condescending answer.

So this reaction doesn’t surprise me. Maybe you shouldn’t comment on my situation about my wife’s new pup if you don’t have something nice to say. Like I said I don’t remember Jeremy asking you what you thought.

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Great looking pup Marty!

This is Hattie & Ferg


You are right. I just am so frustrated by the mixed breeds being sold for big bucks. We spend hundreds of dollars getting our dogs health tested and try our best to produce predictable temperaments, etc. Then I see people spending thousands on mixed breeds because they are supposedly non-shedding.

But I should have kept my opinion to myself. I truly hope that your puppy is all you hope for and that it has a long healthy life.

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Classy response, Marty. My guy, Hudson, is a shorkie that I got from the pound for free, and I love him dearly. But regardless of what Jeff paid for his pup, I am very sure that his dog will be well-loved…not much more you could ask for.

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Great looking pup. Congrats!


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