About those free throws that beat Auburn

Even for an 81 percent free throw shooter, which Virginia’s Kyle Guy is, hitting three straight foul shots in one trip to the line is not a given. Somebody did the math overnight and the chances of an 81-percent shooter hitting all three are barely over 50%. And that doesn’t take into account that (A) Bruce Pearl called time out to ice him after the first two and (B) he’s shooting with less than a second left to make the freaking NC game in a football stadium with 72,000 people screaming, not exactly your standard situation. Remember that Carsen Edwards of Purdue had exactly the same situation when they beat Tennessee last week and only hit two of three to force OT, and Edwards is also an 80-percent foul shooter. I wasn’t watching live (at work at the time) but I suspect Bill Raftery might have said “Onions!”

I can remember a situation a few years back when we were down three, also against Tennessee, tried a trey to force overtime and got fouled. Not only did we not make all three – we didn’t make any. Three straight bricks, or two straight and an intentional miss.

He may have been scared but I told my wife that he sure looks confident. 1 dribble then “Swish”.