? about the Roku ESPN app

For those who use Roku, I guess you have noticed that the WatchESPN app changed to just ESPN. Since the update, I cannot find the Arkansas baseball replays.

They are still there in the iPad WatchESPN app.

Has anybody noticed this or found the replays? They might be there somewhere, but I sure haven’t found them. I don’t have a search option either.

I searched for the replay and didn’t find it either.

Try looking by channel and by soort

Try looking by channel and by sport

I can do that on the iPad app, but not the new Roku app. ( Search by sport)

Click on Browse at the top right of the app, then under Sports go to NCAA Baseball. Right now it is the top game under Past Events.

Thanks,Matt. I figured iit had to be somewhere. They do a nice job of hiding their features.

Yes I just found it also, glad we can still watch the replays of the hogs.