About the "F" Rating

With great interest I closely read the comments to the series about how would you rate Morris’ performance? Many of you, including longtime Homers, rated the performance as a solid “F”.

I find this rating silly to the extreme, given that it was Morris’ first season, CBB left the team with near nothing, and that a completely new offense and a near new defense were installed. Personally, I see no great difference between a 4-8 or a 2-10 season. While I believe “different” coaching (not necessarily “better”) coaching could have (easily) resulted in wins over CSU and Ole Miss, and Morris could have had two more wins, I think his view is that running his offense, in contrast to not doing something “different”, would result in better things “long-term” (aka 2019).

Morris clearly needs his guy at QB and it doesn’t appear that any on the current roster was capable of running his offense (this season). So, he toyed with Storey and Cole, but neither proved to be capable in this system, this year. And, that’s the story. No QB, no mediocre performance, just bad results on paper – when playing in the SEC West.

Often when the offense stinks, so will the defense. No matter how well the defense plays, if the other team’s offense consistently starts a series at mid-field, the defense will eventually fail – or fold.

In my opinion, the “Incomplete” is the best response and only response. To call it an “F”, implies God-like insights into what our coaching staff could do with the mess they inherited. Even Saban failed at Miami.
Next year’s results are key to me.

I don’t like the 2-10, but neither do I hang this year’s results on these coaches.

Oh good grief. An opinion implies God-like insights and is silly to an extreme?

That’s absurd. I’m one of the former homers you referenced (feel free to just say my name when you’re trolling me) and I, in great detail, listed my reasons for the rating.

It may not be something with which you agree but I detailed a rationale at length in the thread, which, unlike this one, was not posted in order to be divisive.

Many opinions were shared in that thread and no one attacked one another and suggested their opinion was evidence of a God complex.

Please take your own advice regarding your posting about MA and his brand new roster this year.

History suggests that, based on your definitions, your constant criticism of MA will be silly to an extreme and suggest you think you have some God-like insights.

Thanks for the new thread, though.

Good post, I agree.

The question was how did we rate him on this years performance. D 2-10 is a D or worse in any situation.

I find an F grade for presiding over the worst football season in U of A history completely appropriate and far from silly.

Giving the season an A or B grade to the HC might be silly to the extreme but a complete, abject and total failure — and 2-10, 0-8 is just that — a failure, an F.

None of us know what the future holds, I agree. But right now I have zero confidence in our HC, I do not believe. 2-10, 0-8 and a return to historic lows not seen in almost 70 years — those are hard cold facts that will do that to even the most optimistic homer like me.

Just curious 2-10 ( 0-8) is not a lot different than 3-9 (0-8) which was Bielema’s record in 2013. Did you give him a F after that season? I think most that read this board know I’m not his biggest fan, but I did not give him a F after that season. I felt he’d walked in to a less ideal situation and thought he deserved time to build his roster and his program.

Curious how you judged him after one season?

Also, did you think he deserved to be fired after last season? Did you support him being let go?

but I’m not so sure you answered the question (as asked).

The question was: “What grade would (you) give Morris on the coaching job he did with what he had this season?”

It wasn’t: “What grade would (you) give Morris based upon the outcome of the season?”

There are many facets of running a program for which the HC is responsible:

  1. Win-Loss Record
  2. Play Calling
  3. Player Development
  4. Team Improvement
  5. Recruiting
  6. Academic Achievement
  7. etc.

You seem to give CM an “F” based SOLELY upon Item #1 above; and that’s certainly your prerogative.

But to give him no apparent credit for having (to date) a highly-rated recruiting class, student athletes doing their part to keep the APR up, significant improvement in special teams play during the year…?

I’d say you’re failing as a self-proclaimed “optimistic homer” … as in, definitely a grade of “F.” :stuck_out_tongue:

Man, it’s hard to go back with hindsight being 20/20, and I never posted in a thread about his grade back then. But I feel sure I would have given a D or D-. At least he won 3/4 of his non-conference games and almost won at Rutgers. There was no North Texas State blow-out on our home field. There was no loss to a 3-8 Colorado State team — emphasis being a non-power 5 loss — to 2 teams. Rutgers was at least in the Big 10.

We saw improvement down the stretch, an almost win in Baton Rouge finale versus a blow-out loss to Missouri in this year’s finale. The Carolina and Bama losses were ridiculous though — so D-…passing but barely.

As for last year, I was all about one more season for business reasons, the rush cost us millions of dollars and the transition is part of the reason for this horrific season. And it was clear about 3 games in that Bielema was gone…I had the sense mid-season Forward of a bunker mentality brought on by the early season decision to fire him…and that cost us in terms of the season and recruiting.

By the end I was disgusted and ambivalent, but fine with the firing. Excited about Gus after Auburn beat UGA. Thought Memphis or Les Miles should have been the back-up plan, but I thought Morris might be a good Plan C. Never thought he would be this awful.

And as I wrote this and recalled Bielema’s number 1,I probably would have given him an F too. I was really mad after the LSU game, but again — hindsight, I had no idea how bad it could get. There were some signs of hope in that season, especially the final two games — nothing good this season at all.

No, I meant he gets an F with what he had and 2-10, 0-8, blowout loss to directional school and a loss to a 3-8 former WAC team (orcwerecthey even good enough to be in the WAC)…that’s an F

You are right, i’m not being a good homer. Winning will cure that or eventually my opinions will be in the majority.

Very fair take - only one minor quibble. Rutgers was not in the Big Ten at the time. I believe AAC.

I don’t think I’d give him a grade for this season. Just not enough information. Obviously, he didn’t succeed. If we’re going on how well he did, he’d get an “F”, but it’s not a grade I’d hold him responsible for. It’s like taking a pop quiz on an unread lesson on the first day of class.

dabour, good post

however, I defend my grade of F - Failure because of the win loss record

It was record setting with 10 losses

In the Army I was never given a pass for failure - As Coach Morris said “its unacceptable”

When in Command - and Coach Morris is the UA Football Commander - All that Happens or doesn’t happen is His responsibility ‘’
It was a failure of a season - grade “F”

Now promise for the future - using the 1-10 grade - 1 Bad and 10 Great I think 8 above average chance of improvement

Past History is a good predictor of future success - and Chad Morris has a history of improving

Next year he should be remarkably better 4-6 Wins is possible just on recruiting class alone

I wouldn’t take it so hard that this year grade was a failure - It was - simple fact

I think Coach Morris is under no disillusion that this wasn’t a failure

Now its simply addressing the problems - lack of talent is the obvious one and if recruiting grades continue to improve - we have proof that Coach Morris is addressing the issues

I remind folks of UK Mark Stoops - steady and no smoke and mirrors - address and own the problems and get better

Coach Morris seems to be the kind of person who is undeterred - maybe inspired to fix things

I think the future looks good - I doubt it can be worse - I say that with fear and trembling