About one-sixth of the MLB season in the books

And the best record in baseball belongs to the Houston Astros at 19-9 after taking the first three of a four-game set with the Rangers at the Juice Box.

Not your father’s Lastros any more. Doesn’t hurt that Dallas Keuchel is pitching like he wants Cy Young awards as bookends, 5-0 with an ERA way under 2.00.

Meanwhile, Dudley’s Redbirds have fought their way back up to .500.

The Royals won last night, but only Toronto has a worse record in the AL. :shock:

The Royals cant handle sustained success. Love the run we had. I hope its not 30 years till the next one…

The Royals are about to go through a big rebuild. I would expect Cain, Hosmer, Moustakas, and Escobar to all be trade candidates at this year’s deadline.

As for my Cardinals they just can’t get any traction. The starting pitching has been very good but the bullpen, offense, and defense has been spotty. They might end the season at 81-81, although with a few tweaks they could get in the wild card hunt.

At this point for me it is as simple as ABC (Anyone But Cubs).

I was certainly disappointed with the 3-9 start, but they have gone 10-4 since then so I am cautiously optimistic about getting a wild card berth.

I have to believe the struggling Chicago Cubs will turn it on sooner or later.

If not, it would be a big-time failure for them.

I think Houston and Washington are the two best teams as of this moment

The Central Division is in a funk, but the Cubs are so deep and talented I expect them to roll over the long season. The National League looks like the Cubs and Nationals and someone to be determined at a later date. My Yankees have reloaded and have a great young player in Aaron Judge. He is 6-7, 282 lbs and can run like a deer and hit the ball as far as anyone in baseball.

I watch Andrew Benintendi every chance I get. He is one smooth little guy. This Michael J. Fox look-a-like is going to be a very good player for a long time. Excellent hitter, fielder and base runner…the total package. He is Mighty Mouse in a Boston uniform. Maybe the Yankees can pry him away from Boston like they did Babe Ruth.

Oh please no!! I’m a huge Benny Baseball fan, but never a Yankee fan.

Amen! That would make me so sad.

It looks like Kolton Wong may have had his come to Ivan De Jesus moment. After a dreadful game against the Brewers he has played like a man possessed. A productive, reliable Wong is a must. Waino doesn’t seem to have much left and at this point is more valuable as a pinch hitter than a pitcher. Gyorko continues to mash but Grichuk continues to chase too many balls out of the zone. If not for the atrocious base running and errors, the Red Birds would probably be in first. Even if they do manage to tighten things up, the bullpen will probably keep them out of the playoffs unless Mo can work some magic. Really need a long reliever and another ace out of the pen.