? about NBA draft

I do not follow the draft or really anything having to do with the NBA so I have no idea.

I am thinking about TB draft status now. He certainly was very high before his injury. My question is is he still high or will the scouts want to see him play? Of course, he can work out for them.

I thought he had a chance to be one of the most amazing Razorbacks. His talent is/was off the charts. Just wondering if it is in his best interest to play a full year for The Hogs (yep, there are risk, but there are risk to getting out of bed) or is it to go directly into the draft. I do not know how they look at these things.

Selfishly, I hope to see him play for The Hogs as I just love his game, but certainly understand if it is in his best interest to go into the draft. What do some of you that follows this more closely, thank about this?

This mock draft came out last week, after TB got hurt, but if this guy was aware of the injury he didn’t let on. Anyway he has Brazile going late first round.

Somebody may be willing to take him and let their docs and therapists supervise his rehab. Or maybe not.

Sadly, he’s probably gone. If you get a 1st round draft grade, you almost have to go.
Desperately hope I’m wrong.

These two replies pretty much answer my question. If he is still a first round pick, He pretty much has to go. Don’t know the difference money wise between a top 10 pick (I think he could be) and a late first round pick. That could be his only reason for staying and as I stated originally, it would be a risk to come back, sort of like going to the tables at Vegas (I do that a little for fun, but never to make money - you will lose).

I looked up the 2023-24 salary scale. The #30 pick will make about $6 million over three years. The #10 pick will make almost $14 million over three years.

I would settle for 30! Still 8 mil difference for 1 yr is pretty good income, but there is always that risk of injury and 10 or better is no sure thing, but he sure looks to be built for the NBA game.

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