About Manny and the 3's

Announcers kept saying his first 3 was Saturday against Mizzou. I’m pretty sure that is not correct. I seem to remember him hitting at least one other this year, and one last year. Am I right, stoned or senile?

Nope, he was 0/8 before Mizzou game for his career. I remember looking it up because we had another thread arguing about him not taking open shots.

It was correct. He was 0-8 entering the season:


Both Manny and Moses are 4-for-7 this year on 3’s. Whoda thunk that? Those two, along with CJ, are shooting 57% from the arc.

How bout this tidbit:

Hogs’ @manualewatkins is 4-7 on 3s last 2 games (3-3 tonight). Was 0-8 in 93 UA games (1 3attempt combined in Fresh & Jr Yrs-40 gms) #WPS

I thought he hit one last year also


http://www.foxsports.com/college-basket … ayer-stats

I think I remember him hitting one in an exhibition or red/white game.

Not only is it awesome that his 3 pt shooting has come around as of late, but the rest of his game is solid. Just look at tonight as an example.

Your inaccuracies never cease to amaze me. :slight_smile:

Might have been a little personal for Manny tonight, since he used to live in College Station until the Aggies fired his dad in 2004. Of course, going 0-16 in the Little Dozen tends to get you fired, and it did. Melvin was the HC when Reed Arena opened.

It took 3 miracles from Manny to win the game. He played well. Texas A+M is not very good, but winning on the road anytime in the SEC is nice. We are 3-3 in the SEC. It is time we played up to our perceived potential and make the big dance. Go Hogs!!!

This whole 3 point thing with Manny is kind of baffling. I watched him a bunch of times in HS and his shot was ok, not great, not horrible…Fred Gulley-ish but more set shot. But it’s shocking that he’s literally never taken 3’s, like it was just mental for him. Just surprised it’s taken until halfway thru his senior season to break through that. It’s obvious he’s spent time on it as it looks more fluid than it did in HS or early in his career. That element sure changes the calculus on his game.