About like I hoped

We took care of business. Shot 50%, made our foul shots, hit the boards. Foul trouble was not ideal but that happens on the road sometimes. I think I would have taken 6-2 on the road in the SEC at this point, no questions asked.

Tonight might just lock us into the tournament. Should be around 32 RPI when the sites update in a few minutes (started today 35, slipped to 37 with early results).

I’m so impressed with Trey Thompson. He has become a difference maker.

Finish strong and see how far we can go in Nashville.

We’ll dance.

Excellent job
On a roll!!
Go hogs!!

Yep, we’re 32 at live-rpi.com now. RPI Wizard says if we lose to Florida and beat Georgia, we’ll be at 30 RPI. If we somehow win both, 24 RPI.

Oh, and right now we’re third and Bama is sixth in the SEC standings. If that holds, and we were to lose to Florida, beat Georgia and lose to Bama on Friday in the SECT, we’d still be #32 RPI. That would get us in.

Played well and deserved the win. Kept expecting an Auburn run, and I do think they got it to five in the second half, maybe with a shot to get to three, but the Hogs just kept them at bay. Hannahs hit a couple of big shots. Was a little surprised late that he wasn’t on the floor for free throw ops with Macon, but didn’t need it. Thompson keeps playing strong.

Hannahs looked gassed at the end. I think when he missed the three with the air ball, he was done.

Yes, I wondered about that, too. Did think though that he’d had enough bench time to be rested, but know he played very hard early and carried us offensively. So, he may have been done for the night. Turned out well.

Really worried about this game. I could tell in the first few minutes we were going to win. Thank you Hogs and CMA.