? about Fall game with OU

Is this one of the deals that will not be open to the public

It is not confirmed because it has not been finalized. I detailed that in another thread. viewtopic.php?f=7&t=28981

The exhibition will be open to the public.

All baseball practices and scrimmages have been open to the public. I rather doubt that changes as long as DVH is the coach.

It’s set to be open. I’m guessing that there will be a pretty big crowd, too.

University could not handle the staffing for both events on Saturday. I think the major reason for the late start is OU and classes. There are some convoluted rules regarding the players missing classes during the “off season” so they basically gotta bus over or send a car later with any players with late classes on that Friday

I saw Kevin Trainor at the Catfish Hole this evening. He told me that the schedule for the OU scrimmage has not been finalized. They do plan to play on Friday, but as noted, players are not allowed to miss class. That means that the game will be later in the evening.