About Blaine Knight . . . Do you realize?

That the last four Fridays Blaine knight has faced what are supposed to be THE four best starting pitchers in the SEC, and the Hogs are 4-0 in those games?

Maybe that Knight kid isn’t so bad himself . . . ya think?

Yes! Impressive!!

Pitched very well again tonight. Think he’s beginning to turn heads. But sure was glad when DVH decided to go get him in the seventh.

I tip my hat to the Mize kid. Game was as advertised.

Yes. Commented to the buddy i watched the game with that his wheels were beginning to wobble and that DVH needed to have him on a short leash as we were about to start the 7th. But once you get past 100 pitches in a game like this, you’re playing with house money. However, you can’t let it ride too long.

Another super quality start for Knight. He’s having a great season, and I can’t imagine that it won’t pay off at MLB Draft time this year.

Actually, one of them was a Thursday night. It’s been the opener of four straight SEC series.

LOL . . . I realized that as I typed it.

Figured everyone reading this board would know and understand that a “Friday” match-up in the SEC is the generic term for the first game of a series, pitting the premier pitcher on each staff against the other team’s premier starter. It doesn’t really matter when the game is played - could be a postponed Friday game that takes place Saturday.

I decided to phrase it as I did rather than bog down the central point with a lot of explanations and qualifications that shouldn’t need to be explained. Even as I typed and posted it, I knew someone would “correct” me. But I’ll admit that I never dreamed it would be you, Clay.


If you and I were having coffee together and you made that statement, I would totally understand and never look back.

I thought that this was kind of faint praise from the Auburn coach, when asked about Knight:
“I thought he was competitive,” Auburn Coach Butch Thompson said. "It was a commitment to throwing strikes. He’s a little animated, but he competes really hard for his ballclub.[/color]

“Competitive”? A little animated? To my eye, Knight is generally pretty stoic on the mound. You occasionally see a small fist pump as he’s walking off the field if he gets a big K to get out of an inning, but that’s it. Not sure what the coach was talking about.

I saw that quote as well. Looked like he was taking a little dig at Knight there. I’ve never noticed Knight to be very demonstrative either, although obviously I don’t see him as much as some of our posters do.

I’m the one who talked to Thompson to get that quote. He was complimentary of Knight; nothing backhanded about that, in my opinion. And again, I was the only one he was talking to, so I think I can say that with some authority.

There is a lot of respect between these coaching staffs. Wes Johnson is especially fond of Butch Thompson. I don’t see either of these coaching staffs making snide remarks about other teams or their players.

Knight used to be pretty demonstrative, giving the evil eye to umpires when he didn’t like the call. But that was last year. Blaine had a great interview after the game last night. Phil asked him about that. Blaine said that it was a waste of time and energy to get all bent out of shape over a call. He has become much more stoic this year.

Knight has ALWAYS been competitive and he has always been animated. You can see with his facial expression when he gets squeezed the by the umpire. He does stare down hitters in the box. He’s all of that and really good.

I’m sure you’re right, Matt, and I’m glad you addressed it, but when I read the quote this morning I had the same reaction Wiz & Swine had.