About Benny's catch in Houston

Just before the pitch, he took a step, step and a half in. If he doesn’t do that, Bregman’s hit drops, the Astros tie it – maybe go ahead if it skips past him – and the Sox might not be in the World Series.

Good read here.

<LINK_TEXT text=“https://sports.yahoo.com/epic-alcs-game … 0275.html/”>https://sports.yahoo.com/epic-alcs-game-4-featuring-andrew-benintendis-brilliant-adjustment-jose-altuves-home-run-wasnt-095210275.html/</LINK_TEXT>

OK, now that was weird. When I clicked on your link, I got a not found error. So I did a search and came up with the identical URL and the article.

Hmm, same thing for me. I’ll have to look at the link later

I searched on Andrew Benintendi brilliant adjustment and found your link. When I clicked on it I got the article. Weird.