? about 2020 recruit Janari Dean (For Richard/Dudley)

Saw Richard’s note that Janari is visiting this weekend, is longtime friends with incoming QB Jefferson, etc. In the article, RD referred to him as a RB and his stats back up his productivity at that position in HS>

However, in doing some quick research on him (because I didn’t know anything else about him), I saw where both Rivals and 24/7 label him a Safety. So, my question is, which position is Arkansas recruiting him for? And/or, what position (if either) does the young may prefer to play?

Arkansas likes him at RB, but I’m sure they would be willing to try him elsewhere because he’s such a good athlete.

He likes safety but most schools are recruiting him as an athlete.

Not trying to “parse” your response too closely, but did you mean to say “he likes [color=#4000FF]RB[/color], but most schools are recruiting him as a safety”?

It’s the “but” that is a bit confusing. Seems you might have said “He likes safety, [color=#4000FF]and[/color] most schools are recruiting him at that position” instead of what you wrote, if that’s what you mean.

Just trying to clarify your meaning - not “busting” you.

Sorry meant athlete.