About 10

support staff people in the recruiting office were told not to come back yesterday. Best I can tell EK Franks and Daniel Bush are still there.

That includes the girls that are hosts on visits. Yes, Bumper’s sis is one of them.


That was a real smart move. Oh, the collective intelligence of those running the show right now is pretty pathetic at times.

What did any of those 10 people do wrong? That’s absurd! They are cleaning house.

Why all the whining? Most everyone wanted CBB gone and now we are complaining about the consequences of it all.

The getting rid of the girls is a head scratcher because they’re going to school. Why I’m sure the girls liked Bielema and the staff, they’re loyal to the school. The new staff will have to go out and recruit new hosts and that doesn’t make much sense.


Were they fired or just told to not come back until we have a coach who is recruiting?

Oh, the ramifications of changing coaches. Obviously, the move was needed and expected, but the collateral damage is sad.

My impression was not to come back but can’t say for sure.

That would make more sense…tell them to come back when we have work…

Were 10 motorcycles involved?