"able to play on all three downs"

Coach Mitchell made this statement. Is that a reference to only certain plays that can be called on each down? Thanks.

It’s a reference to his blocking improving and him being able to stay in there on third down and take on blocking a rusher.

Backs must know entire playbook, know all the blocking checks (and pass release calls) and be able to execute them.

Against Auburn it was pretty obvious the players at RB TE and OL were not the only ones at fault. The outside rush that destroyed Cole Kelly the first 1or 2 times was of chance. After that it’s the coaches fault for not making an adjustment to protect the QB. Keep on blaming players is pretty stupid. In any business you adjust to your people. This staff doesn’t make adjustments.
The penalties killed any chance this team had of keeping it close. The defense on 3rd and 11 missed tackles that led to a first down and score but that’s the best this defense has looked all year. Thrown in the stop on 4 th down inside the 3 yard line and I’d say the defense was left on an island. Oh the interception by Richardson.

The offense when they did move the ball went from 2 down and 4 to 3 and mile. The penalties on the Oline were totally reflection of how poorly prepared this coaching staff is at doing their job. Sometimes I wonder if they are really watching the game.

Clay I agree on backs knowing blocking schemes, its a must very important.

However, we play o linemen each week that don’t know who to block or what the snap count is on and have multiple penalties. Early this year the word trust was used by coaches as to why guys didn’t play. Also there was a coach referring to mental busts, apparently that applies to other positions but not to o linemen.