Abilene Christian game time

Changed to 4:00?
That seems ridiculous for a midweek game

Very strange time for sure. That will affect the crowd even more, since a lot people will be working

Sounds like Abilene C could be a nice test for us before our 8 day prep for Auburn. They gave a very good TT team all they could handle in a low scoring game.

Was this game originally an SECN+ game? Is that why it was bumped from 7 to 4 PM, so we could get it televised on regular TV?

This really kind of ticks me off. I’m a season ticket holder and like everyone else, I only got eight games. I get it and I can live with it. I didn’t get a choice on which 8 games I got, but I can live with that too. Again, I get the reasons why.

Then, one of the 8 games I got gets moved to 4 p.m. on a work day. I won’t be able to go. So now my season ticket package is down to 7 games. Sure, I could try to sell the tickets. But who’s gonna buy 'em for a 4 p.m. game on a Tuesday.

Feeling a little taken advantage of…

I think I know someone who will buy. He bought one if my mid week games.

Private message me your cell number if interested.

Btw, I wouldn’t be happy about the change either.

Any reason on why it was changed?

I don’t think the game time was set when you got your tickets?? Game times move all the time, so I’m confused by your frustration. Do you just think that games should only occur after 5 p.m. What about saturday games that occur when your child has tee ball or Sunday games when people have church? Just don’t know what you expect the UA to do about your schedule?

I think setting it at such a unusual time IS unfair to fans. Tell me any other time a regular season game has been at 4PM on a weekday.

I would be upset if I had bought a season package, with limited number of games, and then lose one to such odd scheduling.

What’s sad, TV and ESPN controls everything

Oh, I’m sure we could play and it not be televised. Pretty sure this is our choice.

Will be a sparse crowd, with school out, that’s part of it this year

The game was set for 7 pm, then moved to 4 pm. Weekday games have never started before 6 pm until this one. There was no reason to expect or anticipate a 4 pm start in a Tuesday. That change was done to feed the TV beast at the expense of season ticket holders - who by the way have been getting “please come to the game or transfer your tickets” emails from the AD all season. I rarely miss a game. Bee n a ticket holder for many years. My frustration Is legitimate and warranted.

They have been playing 4:00 central time games a lot the past couple of weeks. Several of the lesser bowl games are canceled so TV needs live games. Kids are out of school, more people available to watch the games. We sure aren’t the only ones having games moved to that time slot. I kind of think of it like the major league baseball games that are played midweek at 12:30 or so. The Cardinals play several of those in April, May and early June, before it gets hot.

I’m sure if you want to opt out and get a refund you can.

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