ABC Broadcast sucks

Trying to watch the Syracuse vs. Clemson game. They have the volume on the crowd noise so loud you can barely hear the announcers.

Not looking forward to SEC going to ABC.

That is not really a problem I’d mind if I could watch CBS in Norfork. DirectTV and KOLR are sideways. There is no Ole Miss/LSU broadcast on the system I get. DirectTV says to bitch to that station. I figure both are to blame.

I’m in a mood to get rid of DirectTV. This may do it.

Technically, there are no ABC broadcasts anymore. The last ABC Sports broadcast was the great USC-Texas game at the Rose Bowl. Everything since then has been ESPN on ABC.

My gripe with the ESPN/ABC broadcasts is that they typically turn down the crowd noise too much. I’ve always thought CBS and FOX mix the sound much better.


I was pleased to hear fans calling the Hogs loud and clear a couple of times with the BYU game…sounded almost like stadium full of Razorback fans. I guess they placed a mike near the Arkansas section.


Clay I got rid of Direct around 8 years ago and went to Dish. Granted none are perfect but that was the
best move for me without a doubt.

I got rid of Dish and switched to You Tube TV, not only save money but I get SEC stuff.


YouTube TV is great.


3rd vote for YTTV. It’s awesome.


I like YTTV as well. One distinct advantage is that there is no signal drop during storms.


I am lost in the woods with no hope of internet
My neighbors have access, but continually are having problems. Century Link finally abandoned the area. My neighbor had a contract with Hughes net and of course stood to loose money if he cancelled. He said he didn’t care that it just worth the heartache to have them out once a week. This phone is my only link to you guys. Keep up the great forum.

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I know nothing about you Tube TV…guess I need to check out how to get it.

So what is great about You Tube TV??

I have Wave Rural Connect. Supposedly the best high speed internet around. And yet I have constant pixelation and freezing up So during games it freezes up and I’m smoking hot. My wife wants to go back to Cox.

Maybe nobody responds because I’ve been told the word will be sent out to blackball me…

I have YTTV and don’t have the pixelation or freezing … use Cox internet. I’ve tried most of the other streaming services and it’s definitely the best IMHO.

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To have YouTubeTV you do have to have internet. It is not an internet provider, it is a TV service.

We switched to it years ago. At the time it had the best sports package and was a LOT cheaper than my local cable. They lost the Fox Regional (now called Bailey or something like that) networks but still have pretty much every thing else.

For us it is still much cheaper than cable. It is MUCH better than Dish or Direct IF you have access to internet.

We also have two houses (a small cabin close to Greers Ferry Lake) and you can use YouTubeTV anywhere you have internet. Saved us another bunch of money by not having to have an additional service up there.

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Do what? So it’s been stated to use Cox for the internet, correct?

Let’s talk money. For internet and TV we pay 200 bucks a month.

Just how is all of this broken down for everybody?? So you get a Cox bill for internet and YTTV another bill or What??

IF I go to YTTV for 65 bucks a month what do you guys pay for internet?

I was forced to upgrade my internet provider when I switched to streaming. At the time, I had AT&T, but there was no significant band width in my neighborhood. I switched to Cox (for internet only). I did not get the Gigablast, but a level below that. I frequently have two TVs, a laptop, and other devices going at the same time. I have had no problems at all.
My Cox bill did jump during the last month, as my “promotional” service ran out. I switched to a different plan which will run another two years. After that runs out, the service will still be less then the one that I had originally.

We have YTTV: $65/mo; and AT&T fiber optic: $60/mo. Works great

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We pay $55 for internet. We live in Conway, they have a good plan through Conway Corp. YTTV is cheaper than the TV packages that are equivalent packages from Conway Corp and much cheaper than U-Verse (is that even still a thing?) or Direct TV or Dish.

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Yep. I like watching it while my sister drives. It streams well going down the highway. :nerd_face:

I pay $70 a month for YTTV. I can stream it on my phone( which I use 90%) or WIFI from Suddenlink who are outrageously high due to being the only game in town for around $145. As soon as a new provider comes along, I’m stuck with them.