Abayomi Iyiola

Duds, Richard or whomever… is Baybe still with the team? He’s still on the website roster. He may have been an inside presence that we seen to lack.

I thought he had surgery and was deemed to be out for the season.

edit: Here is a copy of a tweet from CEM about Iyiola: @abosticall is Iyiola

Eric Musselman
· Oct 24, 2020
@abosticall is an amazing teammate He is an injured player who has a desire to stay actively involved with his teammates and practice while rehabbing. He will do whatever it takes not for himself but his teammates. He puts an incredible amount of work to make his teammates better.

Thanks. I knew he had ACL surgery. There was some speculation that he might be able to return in the second half of the season.

That tweet doesn’t really tell us anything. Is he out for the season or not? Surely Dudley Dawson or someone knows.

He’s with the team. Not sure if he’s out for the year. Back when it was announced he was injured on July 30, Arkansas said he would be out 5-6 months. I do not expect him to play.

I thought I saw him in street clothes on the sideline before the game. Hard to be for sure from the distance I was at, but that’s who I thought it was.

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