Abayomi in Red/White game?

I may have missed it but what was the opinion on the transfer from Stetson? Realize he is sitting out this year but can he help in the following two years?

He played only 10 minutes in the Red-White game, so it was kind of hard to get a good read on him. I think he can grow into a role player at Arkansas with a great development year. He rebounded the ball OK in his limited time, had a pair of turnovers and got lost defensively on occasion when matched up on Connor Vanover. He has kind of a funky jumpshot that is probably at its best in catch-and-shoot situations. He’ll grow more comfortable in time I’m sure. The guy I’m really intrigued by is JD Notae. He’s smooth, looks for others and is pretty heady on the floor. I like him a lot.

His last name is Iyiola.

Mixed reviews. Quirky shot, not super athletic in terms of bounce. Long arms and seemed to have a knack for rebounding. I’m not sold he will ever make a big impact, but I reserve judgment on my take until I see him after a year of development.

Agreed that Notae showed some big time potential. Fearless going to the hoop.