AB returns to Arkansas and I sale both bridges I had in Arizona

We can dream on.

Some kids love the college life and realize it only happens once and the NBA, NFL or MLB will be there the next year. Not saying this is the case but could be.


Can’t see him staying if he really has a chance to go as the seven pick. Not sure how much he could help himself by staying, but see numerous ways to lower his draft status. I sure want him and his family to make the very best decision concerning his future what ever that might be. Richard would you comment on what advice you would give AB if he were your son and I understand if you had rather not. WPS

What we would have have if he returned… beautiful question.

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With only one underclassman transfer guard committed yet, I wonder what’s going on.

I assumed we would have 2-3 experienced guards coming in

Maybe, but I believe when he saw first hand what happened to Brazile, it made this even more unlikely to happen.

He was exceedingly fun to watch for a season. He’s a tough kid. Fluid, to the max. I had hoped his outside shot would be a bit sharper coming into the year, but then maybe that’ll enable him to return to the Arkansas program for a second season. If he improves as a sophomore all that NBA money would still be there. What you never know, unless they state it, is if they really enjoy the undergraduate experience. To me, it’s like your five year old son, neither you nor they will ever have that “time” again.

Hopefully, AB enjoyed being a Hog.

Obviously not expecting AB to come back. It’s a long shot but until he announces you can’t rule anything out.


Did y’all see AB and his mom at the softball game? I took a pic, but I can’t post it from my phone. I’ll text it to RD, and maybe he can post it

His Mom’s hot

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Thanks, PJ.

I’ll be durn if from the picture I see, she doesn’t look just like Eric Musselman!

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Maybe he thinks he needs to work on his shot. Or he has unfinished business here after only a Sweet 16. :man_shrugging:

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Someone who would know told me that Black had his locker cleaned out before Nick Jr.

Maybe Black has had a change of heart.

Is he really coming back? I can’t believe it until official and even then I’m not sure I will believe it

Yeah, you don’t need to believe it

Kevin McPherson talked like Black was gone on the Pig Trail Nation tonight. I think he also thought the Hogs would have two more commits by tomorrow night. Interesting stuff for sure.

Odds are AB is gone. But that’s still unknown until he makes an official announcement. Until then, take any rumor with a grain of salt.

Don’t believe it.

He’ll be announcing next week he’s headed to the NBA.

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